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Exciting places to consider when deciding on where to stay in Colombia

As Colombia continues to grow as a tourism star, more different and creative accommodation options arise. While many international chains have hotels in Colombia, the country has developed its own unique style of places to stay. Keep reading to discover where to stay in Colombia for a new and interesting experience.


We consider the traveler’s interests to be the best compass for finding the best fit. For example, city hotels may be an option for people who want to explore historic sites and local life, while enjoying some of the best restaurants in Colombia; on the other hand, ecological hotels are perfect for tourists looking to bond with nature sustainably.


Sleeping in treetops


Colombia has a lot of places to spend the night nestled in a tree top. Perhaps the most renowned one is the Reserva Natural Tanimboca, in the Amazon jungle. You can reach this natural reserve by car, or bus, in under 30 minutes from the capital city of the Amazon department, Leticia.

where to stay in Colombia

This is an upgrade on your childhood dream tree house; it is the place to wake up to jungle sounds. This destination is a paradise for adventurous travelers, especially those interested in exploring wildlife. Tanimboca offers 74 acres of protected rainforest filled with a wide variety of trees, flowers and medicinal plants.


Visit the serpentarium for close encounters with the likes of boas and coral snakes. Tanimboca also provides the opportunity to visit nearby villages and learn about some of the local indigenous tribes of Colombia. If you ar interested in visiting indigenous trips, then you should check out this post on indigenous tribes in Colombia. 

Camping in style


If outdoor activities are your thing, then glamping is for you. Glamorous camping is a renewed approach to sleeping outside. Enjoy nature while staying in comfortable private -and often luxurious- quarters, equipped with hot showers and furniture. Most glamping destinations offer exciting activities such as rock climbing, hiking, sailing, and paragliding.


Colombia is home to many glamping sites. If you are in Medellín, go to Guatapé, just a few hours away. If you are in Bogotá, spend the night glamping just two hours away, in Suesca, or Guasca.


For a more exotic location, go to the Tatacoa Desert and experience one of the nation’s best glamping spots. The glamping hotel in Tatacoa is one our three favorite special hotels in Colombia. Check out our trop three special hotels here.

where to stay in Colombia

Seaside luxury


The Colombian Atlantic Coast is a must-see region for most travelers; with beautiful beaches, historic cities and natural parks. It is also a hotspot for some of the most enchanting Colombian islands.


If you are deciding where to stay in Colombia, and you are wanting to discover the treasures of the area while staying in exciting accommodation, then Barú is your best bet.

Often referred to as an island, this peninsula is under an hour from the city of Cartagena, which is known for its colonial architecture, castles, and walls. Barú is also near Santa Marta and its famous neighboring national parks: Tayrona and Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.


The Barú Las Islas complex offers seaside bungalows, upscale tree houses, and even floating rooms. Go scuba diving and snorkeling nearby at a coral reef national park called Corales del Rosario y San Bernardo. Barú is also a great place for hiking and birdwatching.


We made a list of the best Colombian islands to relax! You can read about these wonderful Colombian islands here.  

Up close and personal with nature


Ecolodges are a great accommodation option for travelers interested in sustainably choosing where to stay in Colombia. These places not only strive to impact their environments as little as possible, they also work closely with local communities.


One of the country’s most renowned ecolodges is located on the Pacific Coast, in the department of Chocó. At El Cantil, enjoy comfortable cabins, great seafood, and whale watching tours between June and October. Surfing classes are also available on site.

Take a coffee break


Colombian coffee is famous around the world for its gentle taste and aroma. When thinking about where to stay in Colombia, consider an actual coffee farm.


The Eje Cafetero, or “Coffee Axis”, is the epicenter of the coffee industry in Colombia. You can tour the area and even spend the night there in ranches, where you will learn about growing and producing the best coffee in the world. Some of the tours involve guests in the process, from hand-picking coffee grains to toasting them.


Don´t forget that you can also try really good food in Colombia. This can be another great aspect to organize your trip around. Check our list of best and most special Colombian restaurants here.  

where to stay in Colombia



Deciding where to stay in Colombia is not always an easy task. Colombia is well known for its overall diversity. Today, this is true for its accommodation options as well.


So, think outside the box and dare to fall in love with our country in the most creative way possible.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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