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Colombia Off-the-Beaten-Track Itineraries


Are you looking for unique and authentic travel experiences? Or Have you already been to the highlights and touristic places of Colombia and want to visit something a bit more remote?


If the answer to any of those 2 questions is yes, then these itineraries are perfect for you.


There are many top Colombia vacation spots, and many of them are blooming thanks to tourism. However, some places are still pristine and untouched by tourists and offer unique and authentic experiences for travellers.


Some of those destinations are Casanare, Cerros de Mavecure, Bahía Solano and La Guajira.


The following Off-the-beaten-track itineraries are ideal for those travellers in search of adventure, nature, remoteness, and authenticity. Even though they do not cover the typical highlights of most travellers, they are perfectly designed to give you a taste of those gorgeous and remote areas of Colombia that were previously dangerous to visit but they are totally safe now.


Use them as a source of inspiration and as a starting point in the process of planning the ideal travel itinerary for your upcoming trip to Colombia.


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