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Colombia Tour Packages

At Lulo Colombia Travel we are specialized in organizing personalized and flexible itineraries for your trip to Colombia. We are your perfect choice if you are looking for the ideal Colombia tour packages that are tailor-made, unique, and exactly how you want it.


You choose where to go and we take care of the rest. When you travel with us, we make sure you will have the right accommodation, the best guides, interesting tours, transport from one destination to another, and a cellphone to keep in touch with us and the home front.

colombia tour packages

Of course, without knowing anything about the country before your trip, it is not that easy to decide on what could actually be part of perfect Colombia tour packages. First of all, you need to choose for how long you want to travel around this magical country.


Colombia is huge and destinations might be far located from each other. Furthermore, the Andes mountains don’t make fast travel by land possible. Most visitors travel around for 2 weeks or more.


However, 2 weeks or more will allow you to get a good understanding of Colombia and all its facets. We offer Colombia Vacation packages for 2 weeks or all the way up to 26 days but it is of course perfectly possible to create a shorter or longer itinerary with us.


After you have decided on the length of your trip, it is time to start thinking about the destinations or regions you definitely don’t want to miss out on. Colombia has something to offer for any type of traveler.


Going from white-sand beaches, jungle, mountains, and deserts, to architectural mysteries, colonial cities, and even a pink river. So, what do you want for your vacations?


After having decided on the time and the destinations you will need to choose what kind of activities you are interested in and how much guidance you prefer on your trip.


With our Colombia tour packages it is possible to have every day fully planned and with activities from morning until late afternoon.


But it is also possible to travel with us but decide at each destination itself what to do and visit when you are there. Or, to look for your preferred balance in which you have some activities planned by us and keep some free time so you can decide on the spot what to do or visit.


As you can see, it is not that easy to come up with the ideal Colombia Tour Packages without thinking it through and make deliberate choices.


For this reason, we decided to describe a tour package that we have offered in the past to our customers and give the advantages and reasons why a similar tour package could be your thing for your trip to Colombia!


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One of the Recommended Colombia Tour Packages


This highly recommendable itinerary is one of 20 days and focuses on the main and most beautiful tourist attractions in the north and the center of Colombia. This means you will see a gorgeous combination of colonial cities, beach, jungle, and mountains.


In some of these Colombia tour packages we have organized 1 activity a day so you won’t have to worry about not being able to see the absolute highlights of each destination.


The itinerary starts, like most of them, in Colombia’s capital city: Bogota! It is the perfect way to start your trip because it really is the hub to all other destinations in the country.


Furthermore, it is not too big of a culture shock because it is home to amazing international restaurants, comfortable boutique hotels, culture, and some of the best museums. On your day in Bogota, we have arranged the Bogota Bike Tour.


This is one of the best ways to discover most of the city and get a real view and understanding of this metropolis. The tour will bring you among others to a local fruit market where you can taste unique flavors and fruits of Colombia, a coffee factory, and a typical bar where you will play the national sport tejo.


In the afternoon we recommend to visit the Gold Museum and the Botero Museum.

Next, you will set a course to the green and mountainous coffee zone where you will spend your days surrounded by exotic flowers and birds in an active coffee finca.


One of the highlights of this region is obviously the coffee plantations where you can take a coffee tour of a couple of hours and learn everything there is to learn about the coffee process, from seed to a fresh cup of coffee, and try out some delicious coffee.


Don´t miss out on the Cocora valley with its endemic ad huge palm trees either. You can make a beautiful walk through the valley and the cloud forest surrounding it. Keep your eyes open because the area is full of butterflies and hummingbirds.


In order to end your days in the coffee zone we suggest visiting some relaxing hot springs, like the ones of Santa Rosa de Cabal that is surrounded by green mountains and has a gorgeous and huge waterfall in the background. For these reasons we recommend and offer a three days stay in this region.


After having discovered the coffee zone it is time to set course to the north of Colombia and let yourself be welcomed by the hot and lively Caribbean coast. We suggest flying to Santa Marta because it is considered the ideal hub for many trips in the surroundings.


True adventure seekers can opt to take the 4 days hike to the Ciudad Perdida. However, it is perfectly possible to discover Santa Marta´s jungle beauty in a less adventurous and hardcore way.


Therefore, we offer a 2 or 3 nights stay in Minca, a little village located in the tropical jungle of the Sierra Nevada at 15 kilometers of Santa Marta. The temperature is pleasant and it is paradise for birdwatchers and travelers interested in finding out more about local culture and ancient indigenous tribes of Colombia.

Surely, we do know that you won´t just visit the Caribbean coast to spend your time only in the jungle.


That’s why this itinerary also includes a stay near Tayrona National Park where you can spend a day discovering the park and spend the rest of your time relaxing on the white sand beach dotted with palm trees and with the snowcapped mountains in the background.


After all this nature you will definitely know how to value the colonial beauty of Cartagena! The Pearl of the Caribbean is a 4 hours’ drive away from Santa Marta and has a whole different vibe.


Emerge yourself in the small and colorful streets of the old town and take in some culture and history of the Spaniards on your walks.


We do not forget to pamper you in this tour and include a stay on one of the Rosario islands near Cartagena so you can enjoy your last days at the Caribbean coast to the fullest. If you have twee weeks to travel around Colombia, you could stop your trip here and fly back to your home country from Cartagena.

However, we totally recommend you to go back to Bogota and add Villa de Leyva and a visit to the impressive Salt Cathedral of Zipaquira to your trip. Both places are located relatively close to Colombia’s capital and offer something completely different from the coffee zone and the Caribbean coast.


The salt cathedral is an active salt mine and has the biggest cathedral that can be found underground, 120 meters deep, and everything is, obviously, made out of salt.


Zipaquira is on the way from Bogota to Villa de Leyva so it can easily be combined. Colonial Villa de Leyva is a white village where time seems to have stood still. The whole village is built in the same style and has cobblestone streets.


One of the principal attractions is the main square, which is the biggest colonial square in South America. However, Villa de Leyva is not only interesting for its colonial history.


It is also very famous for the many fossils that have been found in the region because Villa de Leyva used to be a sea. There is a well-made archeological museum that shows the most interesting and biggest fossils that were discovered in the area.


Besides, Villa de Leyva is also home to a couple of tourist attractions where you can learn more about the Muiscas, the indigenous people who used to live in this area before the Spanish occupation.


Unfortunately, all good things come to an end and this will be the end of one of our Colombia Tour Packages. You will be brought back to Bogota from where you can take your flight back home.


We hope the explanation and description of this tour package will serve as a starting point to help you plan your ideal and personalized trip to Colombia. You can find out more about possible tour packages on our sample itineraries page.


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Lulo Colombia is a travel agency specialized in Colombia tour packages. Our commitment to our clients is to offer customized and tailor-made itineraries so they can visit and get to know our wonderful country.


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