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Top 5 Romantic

Destinations for your Colombia Tour Package

Colombia is a country that offers amazing attractions for every type of traveller. Nature lovers will find heaven in such a biodiverse country. Culture and Architecture lovers will be amazed by the huge variety of sights in cities and villages. Adventure junkies will have plenty of options to increase their adrenaline levels. Beach lovers will have thousands of pristine beaches across two different oceans to choose from.


But is Colombia a good destination for those looking to have a romantic holiday? Of course! You can have everything in your Colombia Tour Package; it doesn’t matter if you are looking for a place to get engaged, to spend your honeymoon or just to celebrate an anniversary, Colombia has become a top destination for those looking for romantic holidays.


In Colombia, the country of the Magical Realism, you will find endless romantic destinations where you will be able to enjoy stunning sunsets, be surrounded by impressive nature and landscapes, get pampered in fantastic boutique hotels and eat amazing meals in cosy gourmet restaurants.


The best of all is that it won’t cost you an arm. Travelling in Colombia in a very comfortable way, ideal for celebrating special romantic events is surprisingly cheap if you compare it with most other countries in the region.


The following are my top 5 romantic destinations that you should include in your tour if you are planning on celebrating something special with your partner.

1.Providencia Island

It might sound a bit cliché, but some of the best locations to celebrate any romantic event are isolated islands. And Providencia is a lot more than that.


Providencia is a little island located right in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is actually closer to Nicaragua or Panama than it is to Colombia. It is a wonderfully remote and traditional Caribbean island.


This paradise-like island offers some of the best beaches in the world with one great advantage over other places: it is isolated. You will find calm and peace here, making it the perfect place for a romantic getaway.


Arriving in Providencia involves a long flight from the mainland to San Andrés (the popular sister island) and then a short 30 minutes flight from there to Providencia. Flight tickets are not cheap nor widely available, making this island a hard-to-reach place.

Romantic destinations

However, this also means that there is no mass-tourism here. You will have the island for you and just a few other tourists. Ideal for a romantic getaway.


Besides its gorgeous beaches, Providencia offers some of the best diving opportunities in Colombia. Its location is great for coral-reef dives as well as for some deeper dives in which you can easily spot big animals such as sharks, rays and turtles.


If you want to have the best possible romantic experience in this pristine island, you should stay in the Deep Blue hotel. It is by far the best hotel on the island.


This hotel is surrounded by green tropical forest with splendid views towards the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. It has a beautifully located restaurant serving delicious food and great cocktails. The lounge area has a shallow infinity-edged whirlpool with an unforgettable panorama and some rooms come with a balcony converted into a small private swimming pool overlooking the sea.


Providencia is the ideal honeymoon destination. If you recently got married and are looking for the best place to celebrate it, then you shouldn’t doubt in including Providencia in your Colombia tour package.


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Cartagena is the undeniable pearl of the Caribbean coast. It is a fairy-tale city of romance whose wonderfully preserved beauty is surrounded by an impressive wall of 13 kilometers long.


Cartagena´s old town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a labyrinth of cobblestone alleys, balconies covered in bougainvillea, and gigantic churches located in cosy plazas.


It is the ideal city for a romantic holiday. Go with your partner and let this colonial city amaze you while you get pampered in top-notch boutique hotels located in restored old mansions. Go for dinner in some of the best restaurants of the continent and enjoy great cocktails on a rooftop bar overlooking the old town and the bay.


Additionally, you can easily go on day-trips to some of the surrounding islands and beaches so you combine the romantic city with some relaxing time on a pristine beach.


Some of the best romantic day-trips from Cartagena are boat trips to the nearby islands. I recommend you take the one offered by the hotel San Pedro de Majagua in the Rosario Islands. This hotel allows non-guests to come spend to the day at their private beaches, have lunch in their amazing restaurant and enjoy the Caribbean Sea.

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You can also decide to spend a couple of nights in Cartagena and some other nights in this island hotel to have the perfect combination of city and beach. Ideal for a special celebration such as an anniversary.

3.Tatacoa Desert

The absolutely stunning Tatacoa Desert is the second largest arid zone in Colombia. Its landscapes seem to come from another planet. It consists of plenty of ochre and grey canyons covered by plenty of cacti.  


In the middle of this desert, there is a hotel that has already been the place for a couple of engagements of our customers. This hotel, called the Bethel Bio Luxury Hotel, is one of the most romantic hotels in the country.


They offer different accommodation options that range from glamorously decorated rooms in an old restored house, to gorgeous rooms made in caves and two different glamping options.


Additionally, this hotel has 2 swimming pools, a sunset-lounge/bar, a massages area and a very good restaurant.

Romantic destinations

To make things even more ideal for a romantic holiday, the Tatacoa desert is possibly the best destination in the Americas for stargazing. Due to its remote location, there is very little light pollution, allowing you to enjoy a sky completely covered by stars at night.


If you are looking for a place to get engaged, the Tatacoa desert should certainly be part of your Colombia tour package.

4.Villa de Leyva


One of the most beautiful colonial villages in Colombia, Villa de Leyva is a city frozen in time. This photogenic village has been perfectly preserved with its cobblestone roads and whitewashed houses.


Villa de Leyva is a place to rest and relax. Its cosy streets and mild climate offer the perfect atmosphere for a romantic holiday. The village has some of the best hotels and restaurants in Colombia allowing you to have plenty of options for places to be pampered.


Villa de Leyva is perfect for strolling around in its picturesque streets and for discovering its typical architecture. The village has the largest square in South America. It is a gorgeous cobblestone plaza surrounded by restaurants, bars, and a beautiful church. On the back of this plaza, you always have views on the huge and impressive mountains of this area.

Romantic Destinations

The surroundings of Villa de Leyva offer plenty of attractions such as vineyards, archaeological and paleontological sites, and many natural charms including gorgeous mountain views, waterfalls, and lakes.


Villa de Leyva is so romantic that nowadays, it is the place in Colombia with the second-most weddings per year, just behind Cartagena. So, if you are looking for a romantic place to celebrate something as special as a wedding during your next holiday, then you should consider including Villa de Leyva in your Colombia tour package.

  5.Cocuy Natural Park:

I left this one as the last one as I know it won’t be considered romantic by everyone. But for those travellers like me, who enjoy nature and adventure a bit more than cities and villages, the Cocuy National Park could be one of the most romantic places on earth.


It’s crazy how a tropical-Caribbean country as Colombia can have snow-capped mountains and glaciers. The Cocuy Natural Park is the best spot in Colombia to go discover these high-altitude marvels.


Located high up in the Andean mountains, you will find emerald blue lakes formed by eroding glaciers, alpine tundra, crystal clear creeks, and snowy mountaintops. Perhaps, the best landscapes you can find in Colombia.


Even though the accommodation here is very basic, the temperatures are always cold and there are no gourmet meals, Cocuy can be one of the most romantic places in the country.

Romantic destinations

Being alone with your partner, sitting on a rock at an altitude of almost 5000 meters above sea level, enjoying the majestic views over the surrounding glaciers and mountains while some fresh wind blows from behind, is one of the most romantic moments I have ever lived. Ideal for a surprise and out-of-the-ordinary engagement proposal.


If you are looking for a romantic holiday destination, Colombia is your place. If you are planning on spending some special time with your partner and celebrate something as big as an engagement, a honeymoon or an anniversary, then you should certainly include at least one of these 5 destinations in your Colombia tour package.

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