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Interested in new languages? Start to learn Spanish in Colombia

Start to learn Spanish in Colombia: useful words and phrases.


Colombia is recognized as one of the favorite tourist destinations to learn Spanish in the world.


According to experts in linguistics, the Colombian Spanish accent facilitates the learning of Spanish better than other Spanish accents, and therefore Colombia is considered to be one of the countries where this language is best spoken.


Are you thinking of spending your vacation in a Spanish-speaking country, and would you like to learn the language while you’re there? You will give yourself a head start if you start to learn Spanish in Colombia. Don´t worry if you don´t know a lot about this country. Check this list of 6 interesting facts you probably didn´t know about Colombia, but that tell you a lot about the place.


Here are some key words and phrases that you should learn when taking your first steps as a Spanish speaker.

start to learn Spanish in Colombia

Visiting Colombia is a magical experience. You will understand this when you start meeting and hanging out with Colombian people.  We want you to have an incredible experience, and that’s why we’re going to give you some insight into how the locals speak Spanish: colloquial words and phrases, and local slang.


In order for you to start to learn Spanish in Colombia here are some specific words and phrases you should learn and understand to help you communicate easily.

1. Key words that you need to know if you decide to learn Spanish in Colombia:

  • Chevere: This word means “amazing”, so you use it when you want to say that something is incredible.


  • Parcero/a: This is someone who is a soulmate and who is like a brother, because in Colombia friends are also part of the family. The Colombians also welcome everyone in a friendly way by calling them “parcero”.


  • Vaina: This means “thing” and can be used for anything, any object or situation. For example: “Pass me that thing” or “ what is that thing?”.

2. Key phrases that you need to know if you decide to start to learn Spanish in Colombia:

  • Que pena”: If you translate this phrase directly, it would be “What a shame”, but for Colombians it means “excuse me” or “I´m sorry”. It is also used in different contexts:
  1. When you are walking in the street and you bump into some one.
  2. When you ask for a favor
  • Me regalas”: The exact translation of this phrase is “you give me”. Colombians use it when they want to buy something.


Let’s put this phrase into a real-life situation. Imagine that you want to buy something specific. You will say something like this — directly translated from Colombian Spanish: “Sir, excuse me, you give me”.


Pay attention! This is the direct translation; it doesn’t mean you won´t pay. It means that you are willing to pay the price. This is just the way that Colombians speak.

  • No des papaya”: the exact translation would be “don’t give papaya”, and that makes no sense at all. For Colombians it means stopping something unnecessary from happening: “Do not expose yourself”, “do not risk or put yourself in danger”, “be prudent”, or “decrease the chance of something undesirable happening to you, be smart”.


  • “Vecina, ¿y la ñapa?”: To ask for the “ñapa” is to demand a little more of what you just bought.


If you decide to start to learn Spanish in Colombia, you are making an incredible decision. These are just some of the interesting things that Colombians say. Check this article to read more about why you should opt to visit Colombia instead of other South-American countries.


We hope that these words and phrases will help you. Practice them. Every city in Colombia has its own specific words and phrases, so if you want to learn more, travel around this amazing country and learn Spanish. (Check Colombia´s major cities here). You can find some extra info on learning Spanish in Colombia here.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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