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Popayan – Purace Volcano Climbing

Challenge yourself to get to the summit of the active Purace Volcano and enjoy the breathtaking views on your way.



The Purace volcano is located in the Kokonuco Indigenous reserve on 3 hours of Popayan and has a height of 4650 meters.


It is one of the most active volcanos of the area and can easily be seen from far away.


You don´t need to be an expert mountaineer but the 4 to 5 hour walk can be quite challenging because of the altitude and changeable climate.


Although, the climb to the 500 meter wide crater is rewarding because it offers you spectacular views and beautiful sceneries on the way.


What: Volcano Climbing

Where: Purace Volcano at 3 hours of Popayan

Duration: Full day tour – Hike of 4 to 5 hours

What´s included in this Volcano Climb:


1. Spanish-speaking indigenous guide.

2. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

3. Hot drink.

4. Hats and gloves to borrow.

5. Entry fee to the indigenous reserve.

Extra information on the Purace Volcano climb:

Keep in mind that this walk takes place on high altitude so we recommend to take it easy and bring some medication if you usually suffer from high-altitude. Eventough the sun is not always visible, it does burn at this altitude. Bring some good sunscreen.


It can get relatively cold, especially closer to the summit. If you can, bring some gloves, scarf, hat, and a good jacket. The guide can arrange some gloves and a hat for you as well in case it is needed.


The climb to the crater of the Purace volcano is demanding. For this reason, we totally recommend to check out our cycling tour that combines the thermal baths with cycling back to Popayan. It is the perfect treatment for your sore mucsles the day after the climb.

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