Andean Condor Feeding Tour • Popayan • Lulo Colombia Travel

Get a real close look on Colombia’s national bird, the emblematic Andean Condor, in the indigenous reserve of Kokonuco.



You won´t be able to get any closer to the magnificent Andean Condor than on this tour.


Three free condors live in the reserve and are used to be fed on a specific feeding rock.


An indigenous guide will take you there early in the morning and if weather permits and with a little luck the condors will make an appearance and feed on the rock just 3 meters from your viewing area.


Afterward you will make a beautiful walk in the Paramo´s of the surroundings.


What: Condor Feeding Tour

Where: Kokonuco Indegenous Reserve

Duration: Full Day

What´s included in this Andean Condor Feeding tour:


1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Popayan.

2. Private Transpor to the Kokonuco reserve and the surroundings

3. A professional spanish speaking guide

4. An indegenous guide during the feeding time.

5. Entrance fee to the reserve.

6. The food for the condors

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