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Get a real close look on Colombia’s national bird, the emblematic Andean Condor, in the indigenous reserve of Kokonuco.



You won´t be able to get any closer to the magnificent Andean Condor than on this tour.


Three free condors live in the reserve and are used to be fed on a specific feeding rock.


An indigenous guide will take you there early in the morning and if weather permits and with a little luck the condors will make an appearance and feed on the rock just 3 meters from your viewing area.


Afterward you will make a beautiful walk in the Paramo´s of the surroundings.


What: Condor Feeding Tour

Where: Kokonuco Indegenous Reserve

Duration: Full Day

Video: Check out images of the Andean Condors in Puracé here

What´s included in this Andean Condor Feeding tour:


1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Popayan.

2. Private Transpor to the Kokonuco reserve and the surroundings

3. A professional spanish speaking guide

4. An indegenous guide during the feeding time.

5. Entrance fee to the reserve.

6. The food for the condors



The Andean Condor is probably the most emblematic animal of Colombia. However, there are so many more crazy and interesting animals to be spotted in this magical country. We listed our top 10 of best animals to spot in Colombia here.

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