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Top 5 Best Restaurants in Colombia

Best Restaurants in Colombia


Colombian flavors are conquering the world. Each day more and more local chefs and restaurants are being recognized for their uniqueness, their care for traditions and their interest in bringing local cuisine to another level.


That’s why in this article you will find a ranking of the best restaurants in Colombia —some located in important hotels in Colombia— and their contribution to the gastronomic development of the country.

Best Restaurants in Bogota 


1. Harry Sasson


This restaurant offers a rich menu that brings Latin American, Asian and European food together. Also, it has one of the greatest selections of wine in Colombia.


The chef, Harry Sasson, has created a culinary revolution by bringing together many different flavors and traditions. Thanks to it being recognized as part of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America, this place is now well known outside the country too, and has become a must see for tourists.


So, if you are in Bogota, don’t forget to come to one of the best restaurants in Colombia and try some of the best local cuisine.



The chef recommends: Risotto with porcini, wild mushrooms, mascarpone and parmesan.


Prices: USD 20,69 to USD 26,60


Check their website here.

best restaurants in Colombia

2. Leo


This restaurant has also been classified in the ranking of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants in Latin America. The place is run by chef Leonor Espinosa, a woman who has redefined Colombian food as most people know it. You won’t find typical dishes like ajiaco or bandeja paisa in this restaurant.


Instead, you can try forgotten ingredients like corozo, babilla, cariaco corn and bijao. Without a doubt, this place rescues the best Colombia has to offer in gastronomy. Also, the menu combines different culinary traditions, and was created with the help of biologists and growers from all around the country.



The chef recommends: Grilled angus, Guajira salt, yuyo and purple corn.


Prices: USD 28,08 to USD 48,77.


Check the restaurant´s website here.

best restaurants in Colombia

Best Restaurant in Cartagena


El Gobernador


Created by the Raush brothers, representatives of Colombia’s cuisine, El Gobernador mixes local ingredients with some of the most modern techniques, offering a unique menu to visitors. The Raush brothers also own some other restaurants in Bogota, which are considered some of the best restaurants in Colombia.


The restaurant is situated in the famous historic center in the Batión Hotel, a landmark in the city, not only known for its beauty, but also for its wild gastronomic selection. On this menu, some of the most famous dishes in French cuisine meet with local ingredients to bring about exquisite creations.



The chef recommends: Duck in corozo sauce with foie grass, plantain and cooked kumquats.


Prices: USD 26,60 to 33,40


Information on the restaurant can be checked here.

best restaurants in Colombia

Best Restaurant in Medellin


La Provincia


This restaurant is iconic in Medellín and is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Colombia. It has sober and elegant decor combined with exquisite cuisine.


The restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine combined with fruit and other tropical products, giving it a local touch. Among their most famous entrees are meat carpaccio with parmesan and tomatoes, and shrimp soup.


So, if you are visiting Medellín and are looking to try some of the best Mediterranean cuisine, then this is the place to go to.



The chef recommends: Salmon steak with curry and lulo sauce.


Prices: USD 17,75 to USD 25


Check the restaurant´s website here.

Best Restaurant in Barranquilla 


Miura Steakhouse


As you can imagine, this place has the best stakes. This restaurant was created based on the best steak houses in New York. It not only resembles these famous houses, but also offers the best of the best to its customers.


One of the things that separates this place from other steak houses is the quality of its meat, since it is brought directly from the United States. Also, they use the best aging techniques that allow the meat to age from 28 to 48 days. This makes it even the one of the best restaurants in Colombia to eat meat.


If by any chance you are thinking of traveling to Barranquilla, you cannot skip this place. Not only will you try the best meat in the city, but you will also enjoy a unique experience.



The chef recommends: New York Strip and Bone in Rib Eye.


Prices: USD 20,71 to USD 30


Check the restaurant´s information here.

best restaurants in Colombia

Best Restaurants in Colombia – Conclusion:


We hope that this list of best restaurants in Colombia can serve as a starting point for your culinary adventure in this country. However, the best way to get to know a country is still by eating in little eateries where the locals like to go.


Colombia´s culinary capital is Popayan. This is definitely the best place in Colombia to try traditionally made food that uses a lot of local and unknown or uncommon ingredients. Check our guide on Popayan here.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.


We would love to help you futher with booking special hotels as well.

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