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Discover the annual blooming of Medellín with the Feria de las Flores

Medellín is known as Colombia’s city of eternal spring due to its warm climate, and its gardens. Every August, the town proves its title with the Feria de las Flores — a week-long event that celebrates local culture. Keep reading to discover why you cannot miss this beloved tradition when visiting Medellín.


Feria de las Flores: a staple of local culture


Medellín has been a leading industrial hub in Colombia since the early 20th century. Moreover, as of today, the city has become an innovation epicenter in Latin America. This spirit of transformation, however, has not compelled locals into forsaking their traditions.


This strong sense of culture was the driving force behind the first-ever Feria de las Flores, or Flower Fair. Back in 1957, the city’s tourism office invited 40 flower growers from nearby Santa Elena to show their products in a parade.


These farmers, known as silleteros, went to Medellín every weekend to sell their blooms in neighborhoods and churches. Over 60 years later, the Desfile de Silleteros remains at the heart of the fair.

Feria de las Flores

Farmers turned artists


Although once a small group, nowadays, the silleteros parading down the streets of Medellín, during the fair, can reach up to 500. On their backs, they carry their silletas: genuine works of art that recall a past of perseverance.


In colonial times, silletas were used to transport everything in the region of Antioquia: from coal, to fruit and vegetables, and even people.


Today, silletas are a testimony of rural Antioquia and its natives. There are four types:


  • Traditional: they maintain the original design of local blooms assorted into bouquets.


  • Monumental: they are the evolution of traditional silletas. They are usually the biggest, and most colorful ones at the parade.


  • Emblematic: they aim is to make the public think about their contributions to society. They create a phrase about civic, environmental, educational, or spiritual matters, as well as an illustration.


  • Commercial: they are sponsored by companies or organizations
Feria de las Flores

Orchid and bird exhibition


The Feria de las Flores also summons flower lovers at the Joaquín Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden. During the fair, dozens of experts showcase their best blooms, especially orchids Colombia’s national flower.


The country is home to over 4,000 species of orchid, 1,543 of them endemic. Visitors can also enjoy the sight of numerous bird species.

Feria de las Flores

A parade for automobile fans


As part of its spirit of honoring tradition, the Feria de las Flores also hosts a classic car parade. This moving museum travels 17 miles into the city, showcasing about 200 models. Passengers usually dress up in fashion to match their vehicles.

There is something for everyone


Every year, the fair offers diverse musical and cultural events, such as concerts and artisan exhibitions. Biking enthusiasts also join the festivities, riding their bicycles through town.


Participants wear costumes and also dress up their bikes with flowers.

Feria de las flores

Feria de las Flores: a treat you cannot miss


As a celebration of local farming culture, the fair is a jewel of Colombia tourism. In 2019, it welcomed over 2,000 foreign travelers. We hope to see you there this year!


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