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Colombia's most Instagramable Places

For many travellers, sharing their travel experiences is almost as important as to live them. In this post I am going to share with you Colombia’s most “Instagramable” places.


During the last years, social platforms such as Instagram have allowed millions of travellers to share with their families, friends and followers, the pictures and videos of their trips, adventures and vacations.


Among all social media platforms, Instagram has become the most important one for travellers. It is the preferred method to share travel experiences to the world, by uploading pictures and videos.


This trend has become so big, that many travellers are actually thinking about the potential impact a picture might have in Instagram, while they are taking the picture.


When I talk about “impact”, I mean the amount of reactions that picture might cause inside Instagram. And by reactions, I mean the amount of people who would like the picture, comment on it or share it with other people. That is the potentiality of an image to become “viral” in the social media.


After some time using Instagram to share pictures and videos of their trips, travellers usually acquiring a sense of what locations and attractions will have a higher impact. 


This is no exact science and there are no clear rules. However, in general, locations with plenty of colour, gorgeous landscapes at sunsets or destinations that are unique and authentic have great potential of becoming viral. Those are the ideal “Instagramable” places.


Among Colombia tourist attractions, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of these Instagramable Places. The following are my favourite ones:

1. The Impressive Peñol Rock 

Located 2.5 hours away from Medellin, this huge rock offers some of the most amazing photograph opportunities.


The Peñol Rock is a huge monolith that you can climb thanks to a staircase that was constructed on the back of it. It is 220 meters high and offers the best views over the surrounding mountains and lakes.


The way up is a challenging one. The staircase has 702 steep steps. But once you get to the top, the views are so impressive that in one second you forget how hard it was to climb it.

The environs of The Peñol Rock are characterized by showing a combination of green little hills surrounded by the blue waters of a damn that was constructed to produce electricity.


On a sunny day, the views from the top of the rock are so impressive, that you don’t need to be professional photographer to be able to take gorgeous pictures to upload on Instagram.


Besides the potential for being a great Instagramable place, the Peñol Rock is also famous for being located near the village of Guatapé.


This village also offers great potential for Instagram pictures too. It is perhaps the most colourful town in Colombia. Every house is perfectly painted in a variety of colours such as red, orange, green and yellow, creating fantastic photo opportunities.

2. Instagramable Casa en el Aire


Casa en el Aire (A house in the air), is one of the most astonishing of all Colombia Tourist Attractions.


Created by a group of rock climbers, it is a wooden house that hangs off a cliff. It is located in an area called Abejorral, about 3 hours away from Medellin, and works as a hostel and adventure centre.


Getting there is an adventure on its own. After 3 hours driving from Medellin, you will then hike for about 1 hour, take zipline and walk over a hanging bridge.


The house is basic and small, but the views are gorgeous. Besides some fantastic hikes in the surroundings, you can do some crazy ziplining, do some rock-climbing, ride one of the longest swings in the country (that feels more like a bungee jump than a swing) or spend your afternoon in a hammock that is hanging over a 200 meters-high cliff.


As you can imagine, this place offers unbelievable chances for the perfect Instagramable picture. Can you imagine taking a selfie while you are laying in a hammock that is hanging over a 200 meters-high cliff? Or what about a video of your 1-minute long zipline over the valley? Even just a simple selfie from the hanging bridge in which you show the house, will get you a lot of reactions in Instagram.


If you want read more about this place, check out our post on the 3 most unbelievable hotels in Colombia.

3. The Unusual Cerros de Mavecure


The Amazon Jungle is an amazing travel destination in Colombia, but it is a place that is difficult to capture with a camera. Almost no picture can show or reflect what you see and feel there.


However, in the northern end of this jungle, there is a place that has the opposite effect. It is called Cerros de Mavecure and it is one of those places that always looks great on pictures.


Cerros de Mavecure (the Mavecure Hills) is an off-the-beaten-track destination in Colombia that has gain very good reputation in the last years. It consists of 3 amazing rocky hills popping up in the middle of the jungle.

From the top of these hills, you will get the best possible views over the entire jungle and surrounding areas. Especially around sunset. Ideal for a selfie to upload straight into Instagram.


The hills are reachable by a 4-hours boat ride through gorgeous nature. The average height of these 3 hills is 250 meters. You are only allowed to climb 2 of them, one to the top (from where you get the best views) and the other one until somewhere in the middle.


Click here for more information on Cerros de Mavecure.

4. Colourful Cartagena


Of course. Any list about the best places to take pictures in Colombia cannot exclude Cartagena. It is the most popular of all Colombia Tourist Attraction for a simple reason: it is gorgeous!


The old colonial centre of Cartagena seems to have been taken from a fairy tale. It is a small and compact area composed of a thick protective wall and beautifully coloured houses, plazas and churches inside.

Most of the houses have stunning wooden balconies from where plenty of plants hang. Most of those plants are different varieties of bougainvillea, whose flowers decorate the streets. It seems as if each house is competing to have the most flowering balcony.


Every street, square, house and church are fantastic locations for an Instagram picture. At sunset, the ideal place for a shot is the surrounding wall from where you can enjoy the colours of the sun reflecting on the sea. By night, I would advise you to take a video of one of the many dancing and music shows performed in each square. Pure Instagram material!


One thing to keep in mind, though. Cartagena is very touristic. This also means that its streets are usually full of people. If you want to be able to take amazing pictures with no people or cars in them, you will have to wake up very early. Ideally around 6:00 am when the sun is rising and most people are still seeping.

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5. Instagramable Providencia


One of the most popular type of pictures for Instagram are beach landscapes. Specially if that beach is a pristine one, with white sand, palm trees and turquoise waters.


Colombia has plenty of those gorgeous beaches in its Caribbean coast, but there is one place that is perhaps the best of all for a perfect Instagram picture: Providencia Island.


Providencia is a little island situated in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. It is actually closer to Nicaragua or Panama than it is to Colombia. It is an ideally remote and traditional Caribbean island.


This paradise-like island offers some of the best beaches in the world with one great advantage over other places: it is isolated. You will find calm and peace here, making it the perfect place for taking breathtaking pictures that will rock Instagram.

Besides its gorgeous beaches, Providencia offers some of the best diving opportunities in Colombia. Its location is great for coral-reef dives as well as for some deeper dives in which you can easily spot big animals such as sharks, rays and turtles.


If you have an underwater camera, a diving-with-sharks video will certainly succeed in Instagram too.




Instagram has become an important part in most people’s trips. Colombia offers some of the best “Instagramable” places in the world. Places that will certainly have a lot of reactions online, such as likes, comments and shares.


Among all of those fantastic places for a picture or a video, my favourite 5 are: The Peñol Rock close to Medellin, the air-hostel Casa En El Aire, the majestic Mavecure Hills in the north of the Amazon jungle, the always colourful Cartagena and the remote idyllic island of Providencia.


If you are planning a trip to Colombia and would like to have some amazing pictures and videos for your Instagram followers, you should then consider including all, or some, of those destinations to your itinerary.

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