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Cerros de Mavecure Adventure

Travel Itinerary - 4 Days

From EUR 496 per person




This all-in package of 4 days/3 nights offers you the best of the easternmost part of Colombia. Your trip will start with an early morning flight from Bogotá to Inírida where you will be picked up at the airport and brought to your comfortable hotel in the center of Iniridá.


After lunch you will set course to a nearby lake where you will spend your first afternoon looking for the unique pink dolphins. You will have the opportunity to jump in the water and take a refreshing swim as well. Enjoy nature and get your first impressions of life in a more isolated part of the country.


In the evening you will go for dinner in town and afterwards you can get mentally ready for your trip to the Cerros de Mavecure the next day!


Hotel: Hotel Toninas – Double room with private bathroom.




Day two begins with breakfast in the hotel and is continued with a boat trip to a very important geographical spot in Colombia, La Estrella Fluvial del Sur. This is the place where three main rivers merge into one before continuing its way to nearby Venezuela. You will get there by boat, visit a local village and an island with an abandoned military base.


After taking a swim and spotting the occasional pink dolphin, you´ll set course to the main goal of this trip, Los Cerros de Mavecure. Right after arriving you will climb the first hill, El Cerro Pajarito. A challenging but absolutely rewarding walk as the views are unbelievably beautiful. Enjoy the sun setting over the flat lands with its special hills popping out of nowhere!


You will spend the night in the church of the indigenous village of El Venado, at the bottom of the hills.


Hotel: Inflatable mattress or hammock in El Venado



After a delicious typical breakfast made by the locals, you will cross the river to explore the other two hills of the Cerros de Mavecure.


After a morning of climbing, walking, and taking pictures it will be time to relax and you will go by boat to a little beach to cool down and give your mildly challenged muscles a break. The water of the river has a unique color that ranges from dark brown to reddish-orange and even bright yellow.


After this worthwhile swim you will be given a final look at the Cerros de Mavecure before heading back to Inírida.


Hotel: Hotel Toninas  – Double room with private bathroom.




The last and fourth day has different activities in store for you. First, you will learn more about the local flower, la flor de Inírida. This flower only grows in the region of Guanía and is supposed to bring luck.


Next, you will view special indigenous symbols drawn on rocks in a local village. A local guide will explain you the meaning and importance of these symbols for the local communities.


And, as last, you will be given the chance to have your last swim in the reddish waters of the rivers.


An afternoon flight will take you back to Bogotá. From where we will make sure you get back safely at your hotel.



What´s Included:

  • 4 days/3 nights tour
  • 2 nights of accommodation in Hotel Toninas in Inírida
  • 1 night of accommodation in  El Venado
  • 3 meals a day on the tour
  • Drink water and snacks
  • Professional Spanish-speaking guide
  • All activities
  • Entrance fees.
  • 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff
  • The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip
  • A local SIM card with emergency credit
  • A travel application with access to all details of your trip



To keep in mind:  

  • There are only 3 flights a week available to Inírida.
  • The night in El Venado will be – or on inflatable mattresses with a mosquito net – or in a hammock.
  • All activities are weather depended and might change order.



  • Price based on group of 2.
  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
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  • This is a sample itinerary to be used only as an example.
  • Prices mentioned in this sample itinerary are only for illustration purposes and do not represent an official quote.



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