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Cartagena – Rosario Island Tour

Explore some of Colombia´s turqouise Caribbean sea by taking this exciting Rosario islands tour near Cartagena.



Imagine yourself on a white sand island dotted by palm trees and surrounded by turquoise water, holding a cocktail.


No, this is not a dream, it can become reality on the Island tour to the Rosarios islands.


You will leave Cartagena in the morning and be back around 4 P.M when the ocean is still calm.


Different islands will be visited and you will have the opportunity to visit an open-air aquarium and snorkel. You will be served a typical Caribbena lunch on one of the islands.



What: Boat tour

Where: Rosario islands

Duration: Full day

What´s included in this Rosario Islands Tour:


1. Transport by boat.

2. Lunch on the island.

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