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Cartagena – Cooking Class

Get introduced to the delicious cuisine of Cartagena and learn about the local secrets that go in every bite.



This tasty cooking class will teach you all the secrets there are to know about the delightful cuisine of Cartagena.


You will be given the chance to prepare some of the most traditional and beloved dishes of this wonderful coastal city.


The Cartagena Cooking class is led by a professional and very talented chef who will make sure you master the art of Cartagena cuisine at the end.



What: Cooking class

Where: Restauran in Getsemani

Duration: around 3 hours

Video: check images of Cartagena food and cooking here

What´s included in this Cooking Class:


1. Professional chef.

2. English explanations.

3. Ingredients.

4. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

More information on Caribbean Flavors in Colombia: 


Colombia is rich in flavors and uses a lot of its unique ingrediens. However, the Caribbean cuisine is by far the most interesting one. So, if you want to learn about typical Colombian food and even prepare some, you should do it here and take the Cartagena cooking class.


Food that you have to try: arepa de huevo, cazuela de mariscos, cocadas blancas, and patacones with seafood and suero costeño-a creamy white dip.


Most ingredients used by the restaurants and locals in Cartagena come from the famous Bazurto market. If you are not dying to prepare some food, but you are curious to a local and authentic market, then check out our Bazurto market tour. 

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