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Go diving in the deep blue ocean of the Pacific and discover rare marine life that can only be found in this region.



This activity is for divers who have their diving certificate. So, if you like diving and are eager to explore waters that aren´t overly touristic, then this is your tour.


A fully equipped boat will take you to some stunning diving spots where you will have 2 immersions with an experienced instructor in little groups of 6 to 10 people.


There are chances of seeing whale sharks, sharks, meres, giant moray eel, and much more on this half a day tour of Bahia Solano diving experience.


What: Diving

Where: Bahia Solano

Duration: Half a day

Video: Watch here

What´s included in this Fun Dive of Bahia Solano Diving: 


1. Fully equipped boat.

2. Personal diving equipment.

3. Spanish speaking instructor.

To keep in mind for Bahia Solano Diving: 


Diving in Bahia Solano is especially spectacular when done in the whale season, which runs from June until the end of September. While diving you will defintitely be able to hear the whales sing, and if you are lucky you might even get close to one!


Humpback whales are a true spectacle to observe. However,  do not worry if you are in Colombia outside of the whale season. There are many more great and unique animals to spot in this country. Check our list of top 10 of most amazing animals of Colombia. 

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