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All you need to know about what to do in Colombia when traveling with children

Colombia is no longer one of the best-kept secrets in the world. Travelers of all ages, nature lovers, business people and families are visiting this South American country. The question is, what to do in Colombia if touring with children?


Traveling from north to south, from the Caribbean beaches to the Amazon jungle, you will find unique places. Here are some great options.

1. What to do in Colombia with small children

Vacationing in Colombia with small children has never been a problem. As a mother of two, keeping basic routines is the key. So, cities that offer different family plans, with good hotel infrastructure, can be the best choice. Cartagena is a perfect destination, with Caribbean flavor, beautiful beaches and an easy-going attitude.


Founded in the 1500s and labeled as the colonial jewel of South America, Cartagena is only surpassed by size and cultural heritage by Havana (Cuba). The Old City is rich in Spanish colonial history and architecture, with colorful walls and oversized wooden doors. The street cafes and open sky restaurants, museums, cobblestone streets and eight miles of thick stone wall are perfect for:


  • Strolling on breezy afternoons, after a day of sun and sand.
  • Discovering beautiful restored houses, churches and posh boutique hotels.
  • Taking family pictures at one of the World’s Heritage Sites (Unesco, 1984).
  • Visiting a true “Pirates of the Caribbean” military fortification: San Felipe de Barajas Castle, adjacent to the Old City.
  • Riding in a horse carriage that will let your family travel back in time as you all ride across the narrow streets. (Read more about Cartagena here)


Remember that “Old Town is perhaps the most popular, albeit most expensive, place to stay in Cartagena with kids” (Parenthood and Passports). But there are several international hotels just a few miles from the Old City.

what to do in Colombia

2. Activities in Colombia if traveling with teenagers

If you are a nature lover, and want to share a family adventure, Colombia offers many options.


One of the most amazing places you can visit is Caño Cristales, located in the Macarena National Park. Also known as the “river of five colors” or the “liquid rainbow”, it is considered a unique natural wonder.


Before booking, keep in mind:


  • Visits are allowed from June to November when the 100km river becomes yellow, orange, blue, red and green.
  • It is a three-day trip. It takes an hour flight from Bogota or Medellin to reach La Macarena, where you will stay.
  • An hour boat excursion up the Guayavero river, followed by a short 4×4 ride and an hour walk will leave you at the river edge.
  • Walking and bird watching in this National Park are two additional things to do.
  • Here, the Amazon basin meets the Andean foothills creating one of the most biodiverse places on Earth. Bring kakis, hats, trail shoes, and your best camera.
  • Don’t forget a good sunscreen and your yellow fever vaccine.
what to do in Colombia

3. What to do if you want a cultural experience

Colombia has some of the best coffee in the world. Only as good and special as the region where the famous beans are grown. The Coffee Zone (Eje Cafetero, in Spanish) covers almost 350.000 hectares of exuberant Andean rainforest. With temperatures ranging from 62 to 75 F. and altitudes within 5000 ft, this land lives in a never-ending spring.


Such paradise also produces great people, which makes the region an ideal place to visit with children and teenagers.

Must see places:


  • Colombian National Coffee Park: a theme park where you will learn all about coffee. Amusement rides, ecological trails androller coasters are some of the complimentary attractions. (Check it out here)
  • Cocora Valley with its wax palm trees: the tallest palms in the world and a Colombian emblem.
  • Panaca: a true paradise for children. This agricultural theme park teaches kids how to milk a cow, feed pigs, ride horses and enjoy a canopy ride.
  • Rafting on the La Vieja river, kayaking on the Barragan River, or paragliding in Calarca are on the local extreme sports menu.
  • The Mariposario, a world-class butterfly garden, has 1.500 butterflies, with at least 40 different native species. Beauty flying all around you.
what to do in Colombia

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