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Whale encounters in Bahia Solano

Travel Itinerary - 4 Days

From EUR 497 per person




A driver will pick you up in the morning to bring you to the airport of Medellin so you can take a flight to Bahia Solano. You will be picked up in Bahía Solano´s airport and transported to the town´s harbor, where you will be taken in a speed boat to the Hotel Playa del Oro Ecolodge (located in the Punta Huina Area).


After check-in, you will be given some explanations about the area and its conservation projects. Afterwards, you will have lunch in the hotel´s restaurant and have the rest of the day for you to relax at the beach and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.


 Hotel: Hotel Playa del Oro Ecolodge



On your second day you will be taken on an amazing whale watching tour. The boat driver will drive next to the shore looking for these giant creatures. With some luck, you could witness a mother teaching her baby whale how to jump and hit the water with its tail. An unforgettable experience!


After lunch, you will have the chance to discover the surrounding jungle. You will be guided to a fantastic walk through one of the most biodiverse places on earth. The walk finishes at one of the most beautiful beaches of the region: the Playa de los Deseos. Here you will have some time to relax before heading back to the hotel.


Hotel: Hotel Playa del Oro Ecolodge



Because one time is just not enough, on the third day you will go whale watching again. Hopefully you get to see more whales than yesterday. As you have already discovered the ocean, the beach and the jungle, it´s now time to discover the river.


After lunch, you will be guided to a great walk through the jungle until you arrive at the banks of the majestic Juná River and its abundant wildlife.

Hotel: Hotel Playa del Oro Ecolodge




On the last day, after breakfast and your last moments at this gorgeous place, you will be taken by speedboat to the harbour of Bahía Solano. From here, you will be transported to the town´s airport to take your flight back to your next amazing destination in Colombia.






What´s Included:

  • Transport to and from the airport in Bahia Solano.
  • Accommodation in a standard single room (with fan -no air conditioning) for 3 nights at Playa del Oro Ecolodge.
  • All meals (Starting with lunch on first day and finishing with breakfast on last day).
  • 2 whale watching tours.
  • 2 jungle guided walks: 1 to an idyllic beach and 1 to the river.
  • Insurance.
  • 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff
  • The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip
  • A local SIM card with emergency credit
  • A travel application with access to all details of your trip



To keep in mind:  

  • The order of the activities is subject to change due to weather conditions.
  • At arrival in Bahía Solano, you will have to pay a local tax of COP 8000 (around EUR 2.3) in cash.


  • Price based on group of 2.
  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
  • By booking this trip you agree with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned here.
  • This is a sample itinerary to be used only as an example.
  • Prices mentioned in this sample itinerary are only for illustration purposes and do not represent an official quote.



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