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Vast desert adventures in La Guajira

Travel Itinerary - 3 Days

From EUR 385 per person




Guajira shows a very peculiar side of Colombia with rough coastlines and arid deserts as it is one of the driest areas on earth. It is a place of truly unique sceneries displaying red desert, emerald lakes, salt mines, blue oceans, man-sized cacti, pink flamingos and yellow dunes. This tour will bring you to the most beautiful spots of this exceptional and untouched region.


First, you will be picked up at the local airport of Rioacha from where you will start heading to Cabo De la Vela. On your way you will make different stops like in Uribía, Manaure, and a working salt mine where you can see the colorful salt mines and the whole process to get to the salt we get on our plate.


After you made yourself comfortable in your room you will be served a typical regional dish as lunch. In the afternoon you will go visit the beach where the Pilon de Azucar is located and enjoy a spectacular sunset from the lighthouse near Cabo de La Vela.


Diner will served in your hotel and you can choose between sleeping in a hammock, like the locals, or a bed.


Check drone images of Cabo de La Vela and Pilon de Azucar here.

Colombia Tourist Attractions - La Guajira



After your typical breakfast you will set course to Punta Gallinas. On your way there you will drive through gorgeous landscapes full of cacti, local villages, and dunes. Several stops will be made you and you will be able to admire a beautiful wind-farm and several tranquil bays.


A traditional lunch of goat will be served in the village of Pusheo. And, from there you will make some more interesting visits before your arrival in Punta Gallinas.

First stop of the afternoon will be the absolutely breathtaking dunes next to the Caribbean sea where you will be able to make a walk through the kilometers of sand. This is followed by a visit to the lighthouse and the Taroa beach where you can admire local flora and fauna.


The night will be spent in a hotel in Punto Gallinas, the northernmost point of South America. Again, you will be able to choose between sleeping in a hammock or a regular bed. Enjoy your diner of fresh lobster!



Breakfast will be served in your hotel in Puntas Gallinas and then you will start heading back from Colombias´northernmost point.

However, you wont just drive back. You will start your last day of activities in La Guajira with a boat ride in Bahia Hondita from where you will be able to admire the mangroves and the flora and fauna that comes with it.


Next, you will make a stop to visit playa de La Boquita before you drive to Uribía where you will have lunch. From there you will be brought back to Rioacha and this means the end of your Guajira tour adventure in the deserts of Colombia!



What´s Included on the Guajira Tour:

  • 3 days/2 nights in basic accommodation in the desert.
  • Hotel or airport pick-up and drop-off (from Riohacha).
  • Personal driver (Spanish-speaking) and 4×4 Jeep.
  • All meals.
  • Drinkable Water.
  • 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff
  • The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip
  • A local SIM card with emergency credit
  • A travel application with access to all details of your trip
  • Optional: English-speaking guide for EUR 69.



To keep in mind for the Guajira Tour:  

  • The accommodation in the desert is basic.
  • The order of activities might change due to weather conditions.
  • There is a constant strong wind.



  • Price based on group of 2.
  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
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  • Prices mentioned in this sample itinerary are only for illustration purposes and do not represent an official quote.



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