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Colombia Travel Itinerary


Creating your ideal Colombia travel itinerary is one of the most difficult parts of planning your trip.


This task is actually hard regardless of the country you will visit. However, if the country you are travelling to is Colombia, then this task is even harder.


Not just because it is a big country with plenty of attractions, but also because the distances are big, the connecting flights are not always available, some destinations are season based and also because some attractions only open on specific dates.


Based on our experience in designing perfect Colombia travel itinerary for our customers, we have built more than 20 sample itineraries that will allow you to enjoy the absolute best of Colombia and its unique beauty.


Of course, these itineraries serve as a starting point so you can get inspired for your trip to this magical country. Based on your preferred sample itinerary, we can build together a personalised journey that is completely aligned with your wishes, budget and preferences.


To make the process of selecting your ideal travel itinerary, we have grouped all our itineraries in 5 categories.


Categories of Colombia Travel Itineraries


1. Green Colombia:


“Itineraries with a stronger focus on nature, mountains and landscapes”



Are you a nature enthusiast who loves unique destinations that offer incredible flora and fauna, breath-taking treks, and amazing birding options? Then our Green Colombia Itineraries might be exactly what you are looking for.


These itineraries focuses mainly on the incredibly green parts of Colombia. You will explore the mountainous regions of Colombia, get to know unique páramo vegetation, and encounter hundreds of exotic birds in some of the best bird watching spots in the world. A green paradise!



2. Blue Colombia:


“Itineraries with a stronger focus on relaxing at the beach and discovering the coastal destinations of Colombia”



Our Blue Colombia Itineraries might be the ideal travel option if you are the type of person who loves to travel to discover new places in combination with relaxing under a palm tree on a white sand beach with turquoise blue water in front of you.


These Colombia travel itineraries offer a great combination of visiting some highlights, enjoying nature and culture, and unwinding at some of the most beautiful beaches of Colombia. Caribbean here you come!



3. Colombian Highlights:


“Colombia Travel Itineraries that will take you to the most iconic and touristic places of Colombia.”



Do you have a short holiday and want to make sure you can visit Colombia’s highlights? Then our Colombian Highlights Itineraries will probably be your thing. These itineraries allow you to experience the interesting variety the country has to offer.


You will be able to enjoy a combination of nature and culture: colonial cities, coffee plantations, relaxing beaches, and green mountains with mysterious tombs. All ingredients for an unforgettable holiday!



4. Off-the-beaten-track:


 “Itineraries with a stronger focus on discovering alternative destinations to the typical tourist places.”




Colombia is so much more than just Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena. Our Off-the-Beaten-Track Colombia Travel Itineraries are for those who love adventure and are eager to do the effort to discover pristine and unknown parts of the country.


Depending on the season, you can choose to add a whale watching experience, an exploration tour of the most beautiful and pink river in the world, climb the impressive and breath-taking Cerros de Mavecure in the easternmost part of the country, and discover spectacular wildlife in the flatlands of Colombia.



5. Full Experience:


“Itineraries combining a bit of everything: nature, beaches, cities, highlights and some alternative destinations.”


Are you struggling to choose any of the other 4 categories? Do you want to have a bit of each of these categories? Then our Full Experience Itineraries are the perfecto option for you.


With this selection of itineraries, you will get the best out of all categories and get to have a balanced travel itinerary to Colombia.



Discover your ideal itinerary in Seconds


On top of having categorised our sample itineraries, and to make things even easier for you, we developed a tool that discovers the ideal travel itinerary for you in seconds.


By answering a few short questions, our tool will understand what type of traveller you are and provide you on the spot with a free and personalised itinerary that will serve as a starting point for an unforgettable journey to Colombia.



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