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Colombia Vacation Packages

Are you dreaming of visiting Colombia and checking for a way to book a vacation to this magical country? Look no further! At Lulo Colombia we are able to help you build your perfect vacation package. But, how to make a balanced choice from the many available and interesting Colombia vacation packages?


First, you have to keep in mind that Colombia has to offer something for each type of traveller.  You can come here to relax, for the adventure, for nature, and to learn about local culture. We can help you build the perfect itinerary based on a mix of these categories.

1. Colombia Vacation Packages to Relax


San Andres y Providencia:


Beautiful San Andres and Providencia are two Caribbean islands located near Nicaragua. They both offer picture-perfect beaches and are the ideal place to relax.  Give yourself over to the pleasant breeze while sunbathing and sipping from a cocktail.


Here you will be able to find a really nice combination of diving, transparent blue water and white sand beaches dotted with palm trees. The sea surrounding the islands is nicknamed “the sea of 7 colours” because of its many shades of blue, green, and beige.


The most popular activities on the islands are snorkelling, diving, any other type of watersports, and eating great seafood. Many say it is one of the best spots in Colombia to dive because of the huge and colourful reefs, the wreckages, and rare marine life that can found really close to the islands itself.


Those who don´t dive can opt to rent a scooter or a golf cart to drive around the islands and like this discover the typical Creole culture of the local inhabitants. A true Caribbean paradise!


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Colombia Tourist Attractions



Barichara is a colonial town in the central-north of Colombia and is famous among Colombians for being one of their favourite places to spend a long weekend or longer. This town is known as ´the most beautiful town in Colombia´ and it is not difficult to understand why.


Time seems to have stood still here and people live in a tranquil way. You can recognize Barichara easily thanks to its typical white and green painted houses that have beautifully decorated wooden window frames.


The town itself is located on a relatively steep hill and once you are at the highest point it offers amazing views over Barichara and its cobblestone streets, and the nearby canyon. One of Barichara greatest advantages is that the climate is year-round pleasant.


Tough, not only the town itself is worth the visit but also the surroundings will appeal to many travellers. Barichara is surrounded by impressive mountains, canyons, and rivers so it could also be a great destination for adventure lovers with activities like rafting, caving, and paragliding.


Let’s face it, Barichara offers a great mix of architecture, nature, and adventure.


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There are not many travellers who take the risk of leaving out Cartagena. It is one of Colombia’s main tourist attractions and it is easy to see why.


This Pearl of the Caribbean is able to charm any type of traveller, whether you are looking for colonial architecture, gourmet restaurant experiences, beaches, luxury stays, or history. Cartagena will deliver and not disappoint.


The best way to fully experience the city is to wander around without a goal so you can suddenly end up in front of stunning cathedrals, cozy squares, or get lost in the colorful streets with their colonial houses.


Once you have discovered the old center and have tried its best restaurants, you could decide to spend a couple of days on the nearby Rosario islands. They are the closest Caribbean paradise islands from Cartagena´s mainland.


Here you can enjoy and pamper yourself on a white sand beach with the blue sea in front of you.


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2. Colombia Vacation Packages to Seek Adventure




Guajira is like no other destination in Colombia. It is absolutely off the beaten track and will surprise you with its uniqueness. It is a department located in the northernmost part of the country, and even of South America.


Here you will find yourself stuck between the Caribbean Sea on one side and endless desert on the other side. The climate is very dry but the sceneries are stunning and seem to come from a futuristic world.


However, the people who inhabit this area belong to indigenous communities who still live in their traditional ways and always sleep in colorful handmade hammocks. They dress in long and colorful dresses and live in harmony with the nature surrounding them.


You will see sand dunes, cacti, some bushes, and from time to time a lagoon around you. It is possible to spot colorful birds like flamingos, ibises, and spoonbills. Guajira is also famous for its excellent windsurfing opportunities.


It might be a bit of a particular place but this might make it one of the top destinations in the country!


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Ciudad Perdida:


Ciudad Perdida, or The Lost City, is a highlight for most travellers who did the effort of undertaking this 4 days hike through the jungle of the Sierra Nevada. The adventure starts in Santa Marta and brings you all the way up to the mountains surrounding it.


The whole experience is demanding but the paths will guide you through spectacular landscapes, typical indigenous villages, and lush jungle. The goal of this spectacular hike is to get to the ruins of an ancient city that used to belong to the Tayrona people.


On your third day, you will finally be rewarded with astonishing views over the ruins. The other days will consist of hiking, swimming in natural pools, admiring waterfalls and enjoying the gorgeous surroundings.


You will also pass some local villages where descendants of the Tayrona people still live in the traditional huts and wear their typical white clothes with a hat for the men.


Undertaking the Ciudad Perdida hike is a great opportunity to discover some of Colombia’s most exotic nature, but also to learn more about indigenous people and mysterious archaeology!


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Colombia Vacation Packages



The Sierra Nevada of Cocuy is one of Colombia’s best kept-secrets. How many travelers actually know that it is possible to see snow in this country and that you are even able to hike your way to the summit of the snowy mountains?


Cocuy Park is home to paramos, inactive volcanoes, and glaciers. The park has been well protected so far and you cannot just go into the mountains without having a guide and having registered yourself.


Thanks to these measurements the mountains have maintained their beauty perfectly and you will be blown away by its marvels, like emerald blue lakes, huge rocks, and immense glaciers.


The best way to discover this region is by traveling to Cocuy or Guican and stay in a lodge close to the entrance of the park. There are a couple of shorter walks so you can acclimatize to the height of over 4000 m.a.s.l and prepare yourself properly for the more demanding and longer walks that bring you to the highlights of the park.


This place really is your thing if you love climbing, challenging yourself, and emerging yourself in nature.


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3. Colombia Vacation Packages to Enjoy Nature


Bahía Solano:


Exotic Bahia Solano is located in the north of Colombia, and more specifically at the Pacific Coast. This means that nature and the sea are wilder and more pristine than on the Caribbean coast. It is a rather remote area where tourism is slowly but steadily developing.


Bahia Solano is not just famous for its surroundings and beaches, but tourists also find their ways here because of its well-known whale-watching opportunities! This is the place where the humpback whales travel to between July and December.


They do so in order to give birth to their calves in the warm and shallow waters of the bays. Before heading back South, the whale mothers teach their young how to stay in control of buoyancy, and how to breathe and dive.


The father whales stay close to protect them while doing so.  It is a magical spectacle to see the whales jump out of the water and play together. Besides whale-watching, Bahia Solano is also a great place to enjoy the beach, observe turtles laying their eggs in the right season, make jungle hikes, and get to know the local people!


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Colombia vacation packages - Bahía Solano

Cerros de Mavecure:


It is completely normal if you have never heard of the Cerros de Mavecure in Colombia. However, we think it is one of the country’s most interesting and beautiful places!


The Cerros are huge granite made hills that pop up like nothing from the completely flat landscapes of the easternmost part of Colombia. Nobody knows how old these hills are but we do know that they are considered sacred to the indigenous communities living near them.


They are located in a relatively remote area where you can find great wildlife and untouched nature.  In the river leading to the Cerros de Mavecure lives the endemic pink dolphin.


It is important to not only look at the river though because also the jungle bordering it is home to great wildlife like sloths, monkeys, toucans, and turtles.  Keep in mind that if you want to experience this place without too many tourists than now is the time.


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4. Colombia Vacation Packages to Discover Culture




Colombia’s capital is definitely worth a couple of your days. It is an immense city that cannot be defined or described in just a couple of words. There are so many facets to this city and it is possible to see all kinds of extreme.


It is important to know that Bogota is situated on a plateau in the Andean Mountains, more specifically at a height of 2500 m.a.s.l, so you might need a bit of time to acclimatize after arriving. Luckily you can do so while wandering around in the colonial center and taking in the views over the city from Monserrat hill.


This metropolis boasts a great amount of international restaurants, some of the best museums and great shopping opportunities. The climate is usually pleasant, with temperatures between 19°C and 25 °C in the daytime, but the weather changes easily in one day.


If you have the time you should try to pay a visit to Guatavita, a mystical lake at 2 hours of Bogota where it is believed that the indigenous people offered tons of gold to their gods when the Spaniards arrived to claim Colombia as theirs.


Another great day trip from Bogota is the underground salt cathedral of Zipaquira, which is an active salt mine up to this day.


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Colombia vacation packages - Bogota

San Agustin:


San Agustin is a municipality located in the south of the country. It is surrounded by green mountains that are full of exotic plantations thanks to its fertile grounds.


However, the town is not famous for its plantations but for its archaeological sites nearby. The neighboring mountains are home to mysterious burial sites that are protected by megalithic statues.


The highlight of the region is the open air museum that was declared a UNESCO world heritage site. Here you can find an impressive collection of sculptures, tombs, and a great museum with an explanation.


However, it is not just the museum where you can admire the rests of an ancient culture. Scattered in the mountains you can find many more archaeological sites that are still in situ and some of them can only be reached by horse or 4×4, which adds to the mystical atmosphere that hangs all over the region.


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