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Top 4 tourist destinations in Colombia you cannot miss

If you are planning a trip to Colombia, but still don’t know which places to go to, we have a ranking of tourist destinations in Colombia that may help. From nature to history, the options and the wonders to discover are uncountable.

1. Bahia Solano 


This is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Colombia, especially for those who love nature and adventure. The municipality of Bahía Solano is located 5 meter over the sea level in the department of Chocó.


This location is filled with many natural resources as waterfalls, beaches and a tropical jungle. But, its most important gift to the tourists are wales. Here, you can enjoy an unforgettable show of whale watching.


Bahía Solano has a great diversity of birds, amphibians, orchids and many species. Here, tourists can hire private tours or guides to go hiking, wales watching or to participate in their programs to free turtles in the sea.


So, if you are thinking in traveling to Bahía Solano, there are some plans you cannot miss and some recommendations to have a great experience:

Go to the beach. Here you will find a beach for every taste:


  • If you want to relax and enjoy a time in solitude, go to the “Beach of wishes”.


  • To go diving, go to Cotudo and Becerro. Here you can chose either to go free diving or use a tank to visit many treasures hidden in the sea.


  • To go surfing, visit El Almejal, where you can let loose and enjoy the waves.

If you want to enjoy wales, plan your trip between July and November. During this time, many wales arrive to the pacific coast to mate. So, it’s a one of a kind show you cannot miss, making it one of the best tourist destinations in Colombia.

2. The Amazon Jungle


The Amazon region is considered the lungs of the planet; it has the richest jungles and the longest rivers in the world. This is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Colombia.


It offers some of the most incredible experiences and a total immersion in nature. Since this destination brings jungle, rivers, fauna, and other natural elements together, it’s best to book a tour: You will need an expert guide who can lead you.

There are some things you should take into account before traveling to this region:


  • Remember to get the right vaccines before setting off. Because of the number of mosquitoes in this area, it is mandatory to get a yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before starting your journey. Also, always remember to carry repellent. (You can read more about what information you need to keep in mind related to noney, safety, and health, by clicking here.)


  • This destination requires taking long walks through the jungle. This means you will have to be extra careful of some animals, plants and bugs. You should also be careful of the things you touch. Unless your guide has given you permission, it’s better not to get to close to certain things.


  • While visiting the Isla de Los Micos, don’t forget to keep things hidden in your bag. Monkeys are super curious and will take whatever they find.

  3. Eje Cafetero 


This zone, known as the “coffee axis”, is considered one of the 5 most visited tourist destinations in Colombia. This is mainly because of its diverse natural, and its historical and cultural attractions.


There are many things to do and cities to visit. It’s best to have an itinerary and a guide, who can show you the cities that form this important triangle. Here are some of our recommendations:

Tourist destinations in Colombia
  • In Risaralda you can visit Termales Santa Rosa de Cabal. You can also go to Cocora Valley and enjoy one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the region.


  • If you are interested in learning more about the coffee culture and visiting some typical farms, you should book a coffee tour and experience firsthand the best of what this region has to offer. Walk through the plantations, learn about the process of coffee growing, and taste some fresh coffee.

4. La Candelaria 


This neighborhood is one of the most iconic places in Bogotá and therefore of the most important tourist destinations in Colombia. Here you will find beautiful buildings and historic places, where you can learn about the history of the city. La Candelaria is also full of myths and ghost stories worth hearing.


This part of the city is worth a visit, so, we recommend that you hire a guided tour, and explore the two faces of this traditional neighborhood. This will not only allow you to visit the key places, and the most important landmarks of this part of the city, but you will also be able to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Most of the tours include a walking tour for the Chorro de Quevedo Plaza, or the Bolívar Square. The tour should also include the entrance fees to museums like the Botero and the Gold Museum. Afterhours you can participate in a storytelling walking tour to hear some of the creepiest ghost stories and to enjoy some reenactments of traditional stories, or myths, that took place in this neighborhood.

Tourist destinations in Colombia

Best tourist destinations in Colombia – Conclusion:


Colombia is a country full of wonderful experiences for travelers. There is something special for every type of travelers.


So, if you are thinking about visiting some of these tourist destinations in Colombia, don’t forget to check the best options to ensure a great trip. You can read more about our tour packages here.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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