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Tierradentro – Horseback riding and Indigenous tribes

With this Horseback riding and Indigenous Tribes Tour, you will get one of the most authentic experiences in Colombia. Enjoy gorgeous mountain landscapes and a deep interaction with some local indigenous tribes.



What: Horseback ridding and Indigenous Tribes tour

Where: Surroundings of Tierradentro

Duration: Full Day




What´s included in this Horseback ridding and Indigenous Tribes Tour:


1. Local Indigenous guide

2. English-speaking guide.

3. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

4. Well-trained and calm horses.

5. Traditional lunch

6. Local snacks

7. Transport back to Tierradentro in a local Chiva (bus)

Tour Description:


This amazing tour will take deep inside the mountains of the Cauca department. In this area, there are some of the most authentic indigenous trips in Colombia and the landscapes are breath-taking.


The tour starts early in the morning in Tierradentro. Your local indigenous guide and your English-speaking guide will meet you there.


They will have your horses ready for you to jump on and start riding into some of the most beautiful landscapes of Colombia.

Horseback riding
Landscapes Views

You will ride for a total of around 3 hours. Along this ride, you will make several stops to rest, stretch your legs and take pictures from some amazing viewpoints.


Then, you will arrive to the indigenous settlement of Calderas. Here, you will be welcomed by the Nasa tribe’s leader.


He will show you around and introduce you to some of the other locals.

Indigenous hut

After this, it will be time for a traditional lunch. This will take place in the house of an indigenous family who have already prepared a delicious meal for you.


After lunch, you will get to witness some real rituals and dances along with some traditional indigenous music.


Additionally, you will get to meet some of the local artists and see how they make their clothing and handicrafts.


Before heading back to Tierradentro, you will also visit some local indigenous people who are growing coffee. They will show you their crops and preparation techniques.


Finally,  this horseback riding and indigenous tribes tour finishes by taking a Chiva (traditional and colourful bus) that will take you back to your hotel in Tierradentro.


This a very authentic experience, away from any other tourists. Ideal for those adventurous souls.


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