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Tatacoa – Desert Tour

Let yourself be amazed by the astonishing and peculiar scenery of the prehistorical Tatacoa desert.



The Tatacoa desert is one of the most arid zones of Colombia. It displays a reddish desert that is dotted by lots of gigantic cacti, weird rock formations and temporary canyons.


This half a day Tatacoa Desert tour will guide you around the strange landscapes in local transport and with a professional and knowledgably guide.


You will make several stops so while you are walking through the canyons you can see the difference between the reddish part, and the rather greyish or yellowish part.


You will also be given the opportunity to go swimming in one of the natural hotsprings in the desert.



What: Guided desert tour

Where: Tatacoa

Duration: Half a day

Video: Watch here

What´s included in this Tatacoa Desert Tour?:


1. Professional Spanish-speaking guide.

2. Transport.

What to keep in mind about the Tatacoa Desert Tour:


Make sure to bring water as it can become very hot in the desert. However, do check for the weather forecast in the morning because storms and rain in the Tatacoa desert are not as uncommon as one would think.


Our guides are locals and live in the desert. They do not speak English, but they are passionate and always do their utter best to make themselves clear and understandable!

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