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San Andrés – Bolivar Cay

Discover an exotic paradise on a virgin island San Andres and Providencia.



Bolivar Cay can easily be called one of the most amazing places of Colombia. People tend to call it a true paradise and we do not disagree with them.


After a boat trip of an hour you will arrive to a honeymoon island with white sand beaches, absolute clear blue water and only few people.


It is a great place to snorkel and see a large amount of fish, including harmless sharks without teeth.


After a day of relaxing, sunbathing and snorkeling you will be brought back to San Andres Island.



What: Island Trip

Where: Bolivar Cay

Duration: Full Day

Video: Watch here

What´s included?:


1. Transport by boat.

What to keep in mind about the Bolivar Cay island tour: 


The trip by boat takes around 1 hour from San Andres. The Caribbean Sea might look calm but it might be a hard ride.


There are lockers available so you can keep your stuff save.


We absolutely recommend to bring water shoes and a snorkel so you can don´t only enjoy the beach but also the beautiful underwater world surrounding it.


If you are interested to do more than snorkeling and are thinking of taking a diving course, then we recommend to check our San Andres Diving Tour. 

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