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Discover the best of Colombia with our personalized Trips

These 4 sample trips are examples of personalized trips we have offered to our customers in the past. They allow you to enjoy the absolute best of Colombia and its unique beauty. The 4 trips go from 14 days to 26 days and focus on nature, beach, highlights, or off the beaten track destinations.


Of course, these trips serve as a sample so you can get inspired for your trip to this magical country. Together we can build your personalized trip that is completely aligned with your wishes and preferences.

The Green Colombia Trip

17 Days
From €2.200

Are you a nature enthusiast who loves unique destinations that offer incredible flora and fauna, breathtaking treks, and amazing birding options? Well, then this “Green Colombia Trip” might be exactly what you are looking for.


This Trip focuses mainly on the incredibly green parts of Colombia. You will explore the mountainous regions of the south of Colombia, discover the impressive Tatacoa desert, get to know unique páramo vegetation, and encounter hundreds of exotic birds in some of the best bird watching spots in the world. A green paradise!

The Blue Colombia Trip

20 Days
From €2.400

The “Blue Colombia Trip” itinerary might be the ideal travel option if you are the type of person who loves to travel to discover new places but this in combination with relaxing under a palm tree on a white sand beach with turquoise blue water in front of you.


The Trip offers a great combination of visiting some highlights, enjoying nature and culture, and unwinding at some of the most beautiful beaches of Colombia. Caribbean here you come!


The Colombian Highlights Trip

17 Days
From €2.450

Do you have two weeks of holidays and want to make sure you can visit Colombia´s highlights? Well, then this “Colombia in Highlights Trip” will probably be your thing. This Trip allows you to experience the interesting variety the country has to offer.


You will be able to enjoy a combination of nature and culture: colonial cities, coffee plantations, relaxing beaches, and green mountains with mysterious tombs. All ingredients for an unforgettable holiday!

Colombia Off The Beaten Track

20 Days
From €2.461

Colombia is so much more than just Bogota, Medellin and Cartagena. This “Off the beaten Track Trip” is for those who love adventure and are eager to do the effort to discover pristine and unknown parts of the country.


Depending on the season you can choose to add a whale watching experience, an exploration tour of the most beautiful and pink river in the world, climb the impressive and breathtaking Cerros de Mavecure in the easternmost part of the country, and discover spectacular wildlife in the flatlands of Colombia. We have something in store for each type of traveler and we can´t wait to introduce the more special destinations in Colombia to you!



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At Lulo Colombia Travel, we create amazing travel itineraries that are tailor-made to your travel style and preferences.


Let us help you come up with an ideal route for your trip in Colombia. By answering the following short questions we will provide you on the spot with a free and personalized itinerary that will serve as a starting point for an unforgettable journey!

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  •   A friend and I did a modified version of the "Green Colombia" tour in June and July, 2019. We had 17 days (including two travel days), and Lulo did an excellent job tailoring an itinerary to fit the time we had available. We added on...More

    thumb Lisa B

      Daniel lead us on a wonderful trip through Colombia. He provided us with excellent local guides and was a gracious, knowledgeable leader. He was exceptional in all ways and a pleasure to travel with. Lulo and Daniel provided an interesting experience in beautiful Colombia!

    thumb GloriaFrodo2

      We are fiercely independent travellers and have travelled to many different countries, and almost every continent, by ourselves. But having done lots of reading about travelling to Colombia, we decided that it might be one of the few times we would consider utilising an in-country...More

    thumb Tanya1000
  •   My wife and I recently spent ten days in Colombia and both the country and travel company, Lulo Colombia, significantly exceeded our expectations. It was a great trip. The country is beautiful with interesting natural and cultural attractions. We really enjoyed our hikes in Cocora...More

    thumb CiMore

      Colombia is an absolutely breathtaking destination, but it can be a bit challenging to organise your trip there, especially if you don't speak the language. That's where Lulo Colombia comes in. They arranged everything for us, from hotels to transportation to activities. We started off...More

    thumb Anja L

      I work for a U.S. based tour operator who focuses on group leisure and academic travel and have been in the travel industry for over 30 years. One of my very best and most loyal group leaders came to me earlier this year asking if...More

    thumb 653jimf
  •   We just returned from a Eleven days trip to Colombia with my wife and 2 of our best friends. Colombia is a wonderful country with beautiful people. Incredible scenery and food. We felt very safe every place we visited under the expert guidance and arrangements...More

    thumb urodoc4570

      We arrived from Colombia for a three-week trip. Our trip was organized by Lulo Columbia. We visited Casanare, Medellin, Cartagena, Tayrona, the Amazon .... Everything worked very well. Daniel was always available and very helpful. I certainly recommend using Lulo Columbia.

    thumb Ene V

      From A to Z a great experience. When preparing the trip, we felt very much listened to and taken into consideration by lulo colombia! Response was almost immediate to our emails. Once arrived in Colombia, all was perfectly organised! We even got a local smartphone...More

    thumb Karen L
  •   Everything that Danielle had planned for us went very smoothly - three internal flights and many drives all went without hiccup. We loved their hotel choices as they had a good service and represented the area we were traveling in very well. Lulo travel company...More

    thumb marinaberd

      We can not recommend Lulo Travel enough! We had an amazing itinerary customized by Daniel Restrepo where we would have visited Medellín, Bogota and Cartagena. However there was an issue with my visa- recently imposed regulations required a tourist visa. Not only did Daniel do...More

    thumb L C

      We spent 21 days in total in Colombia.First, we came in touch with Danielle and Charlotte from Lulo via e-mail. They organised everything we wanted to visit, gave us good suggestions, and planed whole our trip regarding our wishes. When we arrived the driver was...More

    thumb dubravka k
  •   We are normally more backpacker style tourists and have travelled various countries in Latin America and just wanted something smoother with our kids. We had an excellent experience and exceptional service with Lulo travel and especially with Daniel! We were traveling with two small kids...More

    thumb CKTripAdvise

      A family of five we have made trips all over the world and several countries of LatAm. Daniel and Charlotte run a business with integrity, care and passion. It started well when after the first brief, the less than twelve hour response showed that they...More

    thumb AHPMCL

      Four of us had a great journey through Colombia. I can't say enough about Daniel and his team. All hotels, transfers, flights, and guides were great....and just as promised. The phone with a direct line to Lulo was a real bonus. Any queries we had...More

    thumb catcanuck

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