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Popayan – Silvia Indigenous Market

Experience an indigenous side of Colombia by taking part in the weekly Silvia market on Tuesdays.



Every Tuesday the Guambiano people come together in the traditional market of the Andean village of Silvia.


This small village is hidden away in the mountains and managed to keep its authenticity and traditions alive.


The tour will start in Popayan and after a 2 hour drive on the little roads you will arrive to your destination. You will have the opportunity to watch the local indigenous community trading between themselves.


They mainly sell and buy local produce, farming supplies and textile. An incredible spectacle as they still wear their traditional clothing.


What: Indigenous market

Where: Silvia

Duration: Half a day

Video: Watch images of the Guambiano people here 

What´s included in this Silvia Indigenous Market tour:


1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

2. Time to wander around in Silvia

Extra information on the Silvia Market Tour: 


The market is all over the village of Silvia. However, most of them gather in the market hall. Make sure to not skip this part of town. You will notice that most stalls are located near to the hall as well.


Make sure to try some empanadas or other delicitous street food sold on the market. It is incredibly cheap and it will not be possible to find Colombian food that is more authentic. Here is a list of food you should try when in Popayan and surroundings.

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