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Popayan City Tour

Take our Popayan City Tour and discover the best and most important places of this gorgeous colonial white city. A must for history and architecture lovers.



What: Popayan City Tour

Where: Popayan

Duration: Around 2 hours




What´s included in this Popayan City Tour:


1. Professional English-speaking guide.

2. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Tour Description:


Without a doubt, Popayan is one of the most beautiful cities in Colombia.


It is located right in the middle of a very mountainous area that is home to volcanos, high-altitude ecosystems, condors and waterfalls. Additionally, it is also home to some of the most traditional indigenous tribes that still exist in Colombia.


However, coming to Popayan is not only worth it for its amazing surroundings. The city centre of the city is truly gorgeous and offer great attractions for those who love culture and architecture.


The best way to discover this white colonial city is with this Popayan city tour. In just a couple of hours, you will visit the most important and iconic places and learn about its rich history.


Our English-speaking guide will pick you up at 10:00 am in the lobby of your hotel and guide you around this white city with all its religious history.


He will explain everything there is to know about its history and colonial background.


Additionally, you will be taken to some of the best restaurants and food stall so you could try some of the typical cuisine of this city.


You will get to try a lot of things, thanks to the fact that Popayan is one of the most important gastronomical places of whole Colombia.


This is a private walking tour with an English-speaking guide.

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