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Day 1 – 23/02: ARRIVAL BOGOTÁ


Today your Colombian adventure finally kicks off! You will land in the international airport of Bogotá and so it begins.


A driver will welcome you at arrivals and bring you straight to your hotel in the historic center of Bogotá. Depending on your arrival time, you will have some free time to acclimatize, get used to the altitude, and maybe discover already a little bit of the colonial center. If you arrive in the evening, it will be good to know that the hotel can prepare little snacks so you can almost immediatley go rest after your long flight.


Accommodation:  A double room in Hotel Casa De la Vega




After breakfast, you will be taken to La Candelaria, the charming colonial old town of Bogotá. At 10:30, you will start the famous Bogota Bike Tour and discover some of the most amazing things this city has to offer. You won´t only visit the most touristic spots but will also be introduced to a coffee factory, a local fruit market where you will try some exotic fruits, and a tejo place where you will learn more about the “national sport” of Colombia. (click here for more info about this tour)


After the tour we advise you to pay a visit to the two most iconic museums of Bogotá: The Gold Museum and the Botero Museum. The gold museum not only for its impressive collection of golden artifacts, but also to try some ajiaco, the typical potato soup from Bogotá, in their restaurant.


Accommodation: Double room in Hotel Casa De la Vega




Today you will leave Bogotá early in the morning and fly to Yopal where you will have breakfast before heading into the plains. Gorgeous green rice fields surround you from both sides of the road and it is possible to spot many herons, falcons and other types of colorful and rare birds from the car. 


The goal of this day is to visit a typical cowboy ranch and learn more about the Llanos culture. The drive to the traditional ranch will take around 2 to 3 hours, depending on the weather conditions. You will be welcomed by El Llanerazo, your local guide on this trip. He will show you around on the farm and introduce you to his self-made museum of Llanero culture.


El Llanerazo found some rare archaeological objects in the area and some archaeologists are trying to figure out to who and what culture they belonged to.  He will also show and explain tools and ways of how the cowboys live and work now, and in the past.


You will be served a typical lunch on the ranch while being surrounded by the noises of monkeys and birds. El Llanerazo will also demonstrate different cowboy skills and show you how he crosses a deep river with this horse.


In the late afternoon it will be time to set course to your hotel, El Diamante. The accommodation is surrounded by a beautiful exotic garden in which many birds live. Here you will enjoy the rest of the evening and have a delicious diner.


Accomodation: Hotel El Diamante



The second day in Casanare will start early with some bird-watching in the hotels´surroundings. A family of howler monkeys lives in the nearby trees and can be spotted as well. There are many falcons, parrots, and ibises and if you are lucky you will be able to spot an anteater!


After the bird-watching walk you will take your breakfast in the gardens of the house before driving to IBA Hato Matepalma. On your way you will be able to spot your first of many capybaras and deer on the way. It is known that a family of three horned owls lives in the trees near the ranch.


After making yourself comfortable in your room you can start exploring the area around the ranch and have a lunch in front of the lake.


In the afternoon you will have a horseback riding tour arranged for you so you can explore the immense flat lands as if you were true cowboys. The trip is absolutely stunning and will bring you through little creeks, bushes, and open fields full of thousands of birds, caimans, lizards, deer, and capybaras. Beween May and October you can ride all the way to a place called ´La Garcera´, an area full of lower bushes where all kind of herons and spoonbills come together to lay their eggs and care for their young. A truly incredible spectacle.


Hotel: Hato Matepalma



On the third day of your adventure you will go for an amazing walk after breakfast. Your guide will walk with you trough the plains to a place where you can find many land turtles, and in summer anacondas. It is incredible how easy it is to be able to spot all these animals in the wild.


You will be back from the walk around lunchtime and enjoy your last lunch in front of the lake while taking in the last views of the sunbathing capybaras in the lake. Then it will be time to set course again to Yopal, a 3 hours drive, so you won´t miss your plane back to Bogota.


Accommodation: Hotel Habitel



After waking up and having had breakfast it is time to go back to the airport. A short flight will take you to Neiva, the biggest city near  the amazing Tatacoa Desert. A  driver will await you in the airport and drive you to your hotel in Villavieja, the last little village before the Tatacoa desert begins. This scenic drive takes more or less 1 hour.


You will feel the temperature change the closer you are getting to the Tatacoa desert. Your hotel is located in Villavieja town and has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.


Accommodation: La Casa del Angel Hotel



After breakfast it is time to start the Tatacoa desert tour. Together with a local guide, who lives with his family in the desert, you will discover the peculiar landscapes one of Colombia´s most arid zones. You will notice that part of the desert has a specific reddish color while other parts of the desert are rather yellowish. Both of them are home to many giant cacti and weird rocks.


After this great tour, you will have the afternoon to enjoy the sunset in the hotel.


Accommodation: La Casa del Angel Hotel



After a typical breakfast it will be time to be brought back to the airport of Neiva so you ca catch your flight to Bogotá. Our diver will pick you up in the airport of Bogotá and drive you to colonial Villa de Leyva. This is a drive of about 3 hours through beautiful landscapes once you are out of Bogotá. 


After arriving and settling down in your hotel, you can visit the biggest square of South America and walk around in the beautiful cobblestone streets of this white town.


Accommodation: Hotel La Posada de San Antonio





You will be picked up by an English speaking guide at your hotel in the moring. He will take you on a trip back in time to the prehistory of Villa de Leyva. On your way you will learn where once the prehistoric sea was located and you will see weird rock formations and natural phenomena like Pozo Azules. You will also visit a couple of museums that are dedicated to the study of the many fossils found in the region. One of them exhibits a giant Kronosaurus. Furthermore, you will discover a museum about the colonial history of the place, an old monastery, and “el infiernito“, which is a sacred place for the local Muisca people. At the end of the tour you will pay a visit to the Terracota house to see how local natural materials are used for house building.


Accommodation: Hotel La Posada de San Antonio



A driver will pick you up in the morning and bring you to the airport of Bogota for your flight to the Coffee Zone.  On your way you will make a stop in Zipaquira where you can pay a visit to an impressive underground salt cathedral. Each hour an English speaking guide shows visitors around in this 120 meter deep salt mine that is decorated with crosses and statues made of salt.


After your visit to the salt cathedral you will continue your drive to the airport of Bogotá. Another driver will await you in Pereira airport and transport you to your beautiful hotel in the heart of the coffee zone.


Your hotel will be a traditional coffee hacienda and is surrounded by a gorgeous garden and an active coffee plantation. You will be able to enjoy an outdoor pool with Jacuzzi, and visit the different viewpoints over the plantations and the green mountains that are so characteristic for this region. Right after your arrival you can already start taking in the beauty of the exotic flowers and birds that are richly present


Accommodation:  Hotel Finca del Café




In the morning you will leave your beautiful hacienda to pay a visit to the Cocora Valley with an English-speaking guide. You will make an amazingly beautiful walk in the valley that is dotted with large palm trees. These peculiar trees are the national tree of Colombia, the Quindio Wax Palm tree, and they can get as high as 60 meters.


Afterwards you will visit Salento, a colonial town nested at the feet of the Cocora valley and where you will have the opportunity to walk around and take pictures of the cute colorful houses.


You will finish your tour with a visit to Filandia, a local coffee village that is famous for its beautiful local arts and crafts. Around 17:00 you will be back at the hotel to enjoy the last sunshine of the day. 


Accommodation: A double room in Hotel Finca del Café





After breakfast, you will take a great coffee tour. Your English-speaking guide will take you through all the different steps in the process of making coffee. The tour takes about 3 hours.


In the early afternoon you will have some time to enjoy the facilities of the hotel. Around 4:30 pm you will be taken to the airport of Pereira to catch your flight to Medellin.


 Upon arrival, you will be picked up in the airport and driven to your hotel in the modern neighbourhood of El Poblado.


 Accommodation: A double room in Sites Hotel.


Day 13 – 07/04: FREE DAY MEDELLIN


It´s time to discover Medellin. You will have the day for yourselves to decide what to do.  The city has a lot to offer. You can discover some museums and neighbourhoods on your own.


Accommodation: A double room in Sites Hotel


Day 14 – 08/03: FREE DAY MEDELLIN


Today you will also have the day available to discover Medellin and its surroundings. We are sure the hotel can help you recommend a tour to join so you can visitthe gorgeous surroundings of Medellin, more specificly to the colorful village of Guatape and the impressive Peñol Rock.


Accommodation: Sites Hotel





After breakfast, a driver will pick you up and drive you to the airport of Medellin so you can take your flight to Santa Marta !


From the airport of Santa Marta you will be transported to a beautiful hotel that is located near the entrance of Tayrona National Park. The hotel has its own private beach, outdoor pool, and restaurant.


After you installed yourself it is time to enjoy the sea, the swimming pool, and all facilities that your beach hotel has to offer.


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona






Today is the perfect day to visit Tayrona National Park. The hotel can arrange for you to be brought to the entrance of the park so you spend the day discovering the beautiful beaches and jungle walk at your own pace. 


You can of course also opt to stay and enjoy your free time relaxing at the beach or swimming pool of the hotel


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona.


Day 17 – 11/03: BEACH TIME


You can spend this free day peacefully on the beach, swimming pool, or Caribbean sea.  It will be a nice time to recover from yesterday´s walk and to enjoy the fantastic facilities of this beach hotel.


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona






After breakfast we have arranged for you to be brought by a driver to Cartagena. This is a drive of about 4 hours near the coastline and through little villages so don´t forget to let your eyes feast on the beauty surrounding you.


By the early afternoon you will be dropped off of at your hotel in the historical center of Cartagena. The location of your accommodation is ideal and you will be close to the restaurants  and the main touristic sights of this colonial city. Because of this you can immediately start discovering town!


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas



Day 19 – 13/03: FREE DAY CARTAGENA 


Time to discover the pearl of the Caribbean! You will have the day to get to know the many faces of Cartagena. Learn about its history by getting lost in the streets and visiting the museums, try its delicious sea food in the many great restaurants, and take pictures of the colorful colonial buildings that never bore.


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas.





Day 20 – 14/03: CARTAGENA & END OF TRIP


Time to further discover the pearl of the Caribbean! You will hopefully have some  time today to further discover beautiful Cartagena.


At the appropriate time you will be transported to the airport so you can catch your flight to Belgium. This means that the end of your trip has come. We are sure you are going to fly home with good memories of this magical country with its impressive lush nature, kind people, and beautiful beaches and mountains!






The quoted price includes:

– All local flights

– Transport, tours, and accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary

– Breakfast in each hotel

– Lunch and dinner when in Casanare

– 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff

– The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip

– A local SIM card with emergency credit

– A travel application with access to all details of your trip



The quoted price does not include:

– International flight

– Travel insurance

– Not mentioned services and meals


  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
  • By booking this trip you agree with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned here
  • The remaining amount needs to be at least one month paid before your  arrival to Colombia.

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