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Colombia - Off The Beaten Track

Travel itinerary - 14 days

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Today you start your Colombian off the beaten track adventure!  You will arrive in the international airport of Bogotá where a driver will await you and bring you to your cozy hotel.


Don´t forget to take out out cash from one of the many cash machines, or to exchange your currency in one of the exchange offices in the airport.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Deco




This all-in package of 4 days/3 nights offers you the best of the easternmost part of Colombia. Your trip will start with a early morning flight from Bogotá to Inírida where you will spend your first afternoon looking for the unique pink dolphins in a nearby lake.


Day two begins with a boat trip to a very important geographical spot in Colombia, La Estrella Fluvial del Sur. This is the place where three main rivers merge into one before continuing its way to nearby Venezuela. After taking a swim and spotting the occasional pink dolphin, you´ll set course to the main goal of this trip, Los Cerros de Mavecure. Right after arriving you will climb the first hill, El Cerro Pajarito. A challenging but absolutely rewarding walk as the views are unbelievably beautiful. You will spend the night in the church of the indigenous village of El Venado, at the bottom of the hills.


On day three, after a delicious typical breakfast made by the locals, you will cross the river to explore the other two hills of the Cerros de Mavecure.  After a morning of climbing, walking, and taking pictures it will be time to relax and you will go by boat to a little beach to cool down and give your mildly challenged muscles a break. The water of the river has a unique color that ranges from dark brown to reddish-orange and even bright yellow. After this worthwhile swim you will be given a final look at the Cerros de Mavecure before heading back to Inírida.


The last and fourth day has different activities in store for you. You will learn more about the local flower, la flor de Inírida, view special indigenous symbols drawn on rocks in a local village, and have your last swim in the reddish waters of the rivers. An afternoon flight will take you back to Bogotá.


Included in tour: 4 days/3 nights tour,  2 nights of accommodation in a basic hotel in Inírida, 1 night of accommodation in  El Venado, 3 meals a day on the tour, drink water and snacks, professional Spanish-speaking guide, all activities, and entrance fees.


Also included: Accommodation when back in Bogotá – Hotel Casa Deco.


To keep in mind:

1. There are only 4 flights a week available to Inírida.

2. The night in El Venado will be – or on inflatable mattresses with a mosquito net – or in a hammock.

3. All activities are weather depended and might change order.





If you thought you couldn´t go more off the beaten track than Cerros de Mavecure, then think again! On this tour you will discover Casanare.  This region in the east of Colombia is famous for its plains, abundant wildlife, amazing bird watching spots,  and cowboy lifestyle of the people.


This is an all-in package of 4 days and 3 nights that offers the most interesting activities in order for you to discover the most unique and pristine flora and fauna. The below itinerary can still be adapted to your personal wishes but will give you an idea of what your trip could look like.


On the first day you will leave Bogotá early in the morning and fly to Yopal where you will have breakfast before heading into the plains. Depending on the weather conditions, it will take between 6 or 9 hours over a bumpy gravel-like road to get to IBA (Important Birding Area) Vereda Alto Gracia where you will spend two days. On they way you will have more than enough chances to spot amazing birds and other wildlife. Your basic but typical accommodation is located in the middle of nowhere so you will be spending two days in pure nature. Near to the hotel is a beautiful lake with typical endemic palm trees of the region where all the animals gather in the evening and from where you can shoot perfect sunset pictures. Besides the many birds you will also be able to spot deer, caymans, capybaras, wild pigs, water and land turtles, and if lucky, otters and anacondas.


The second day will be spend discovering the whole nearby area and its lake, forests, and plains. You will wake up early and go for a walk and canoe cruise in the hope of spotting lots of bird- and wildlife. In the afternoon there will be a jeep safari to go to more remote areas where more animals can be found. Unwind and reconnect with nature!


On the third day of your adventure you will have the chance to enjoy some early bird-watching before heading to another gorgeous place in Casanare. You will drive for around 7 hours to IBA Hato Matapalma. Enjoy your time in the jeep to spot more animals and take in the beautiful views over the plains. You will sleep in a working ranch and be able to observe the typical cattle activities. 


On your fourth day you will discover the beauty of the Hato Matapalme reserve. A guide will take you for a walk or, if wanted, on a horseback riding tour through the plains. Between May and October you can reach by horse a nesting area of thousands of herons, and if you are lucky you might spot a puma or giant anteater on the way! After lunch it will be time to set course to Yopal, a 3 hours drive, for you to take a flight back to Bogota in the early evening.


Included in tour: Transport in 4 x 4 and an experienced driver, 2 nights of accommodation in Hotel Buenaventura in Vereda Alto Gracia, 1 night of accommodation in Hato Matepalma, all mentioned activities, 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 3 dinners, snacks and drinks, a local guide who knows the area very well, travel insurance.


Also included: Accommodation when back in Bogotá – Hotel Casa Deco.


To keep in mind:

1. All activities are weather depended and might change order.



It will be  good idea to take a little break from all the touring and spend day 10 in Bogotá itself.


Bogotá is a huge city with a rich history so you definitely won´t get bored today. You can do many different activities going from just walking through the colonial center and immersing yourself in the busy atmosphere, to visiting the famous Botero and Gold Museum, and taking the Bogota bike tour.


You could also try to eat ajiaco today. This is Bogota´s signature dish and it consists of a greenish potato soup accompanied with rice, avocado, mais, capers, and sour cream. A real treat!


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Deco



Caño Cristales is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular attractions Colombia has to offer. This river has the reputation of being one of the world’s most beautiful ones and we agree. You will be able to see an array of bewildering colors that come from a specific type of aquatic plants that bloom pink during the rainy season.


This Cano Cristales Tour offers a full 3 days and 2 night’s package to allow you to explore this hidden gem to the fullest. You will stay 2 nights in a basic hotel in La Macarena from where you will have to take a boat ride and make mildly challenging walks through spectacular landscapes in order to get to the treasure that is Caño Cristales.


On the first day you will fly to La Macarena early in the morning. La Macarena is the name of the little village closest to the Caño Cristales river. You will be welcomed by your guide and a refreshing drink. After lunch, you will discover the colorful and crystal clear waters of the Caño Cristales River. The hike will be one via the Guayabero River. This area is home to a variety of birds, reptiles and fish so keep your eyes open while on the canoe. After being dropped by the canoe at the starting point of the walk you will hike for 20-40 minutes before arriving to the Caño Cristales River. From there on you will follow the route next to the river so you will have lots of opportunities to take pictures from all kind of angles.


The second day will have more pink beauty in store for you because you are going to visit a part of the Caño Cristales River that is called Caño Cristales Verde. After breakfast you and your guide will go again by canoe to another starting point from where a new adventure starts. After the canoe dropped you off you will have to take a 4×4 for about 20 minutes to the beginning of a path that will lead you through a small, but exotic jungle to a beautiful part of Caño Cristales. In the evening you will enjoy  a traditional event in which you will have the chance to experience local music, dances and food, as well as to witness a typical rodeo show. 


The third and last day of this tour will take you in the morning to some more beautiful nature spots where you can learn a lot about the traditions and way of lives of the local people. After lunch it will be time to set course again to Bogotá.


Included in tour: Flight to and from La Macarena, 2 nights of accommodation in Hotel Casa Real in La Macarena, all mentioned activities, 2 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners,  snacks and drinks, a Spanish -speaking local guide.


Also included: Accommodation when back in Bogotá – Hotel Casa Deco.


To keep in mind:

1. All activities are weather depended and might change order.

2. English-speaking guide: an extra of EUR 64 for the entire trip.

3.  This tour is only available during rainy season from June to November.

4. You need proof of your Yellow fever vaccination.

5. Flights are limited so you might only be able to fly on certain days of the week.




Depending on when you have your international flight back to your home country you will still have some time in the morning to enjoy some time in Bogotá.


At the appropriate time we will organize a pick- up to bring you to the airport. This means that the end of your trip has come. We are sure you are going to fly home with good memories of this magical country with its impressive lush nature, kind people, and beautiful beaches and mountains!





The quoted price includes:

– All local flights

– Transport, tours, and accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary

– Breakfast in each hotel

– 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff

– The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip

– A local SIM card with emergency credit

– A travel application with access to all details of your trip


The quoted price does not include:

– International flight

– Travel insurance

– Not mentioned services and meals


  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
  • By booking this trip you agree with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned here
  • This is a sample itinerary to be used only as an example.
  • Prices mentioned in this sample itinerary are only for illustration purposes and do not represent an official quote.



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