Laura Heuvinck - Colombia Itinerary

Travel Itinerary - 19 days

Total Price per Person: USD 1645 (Approx EUR 1400)





Today your Colombian adventure finally kicks off! You will land in the international airport of Cartagena and so it begins.


A driver will welcome you at arrivals and bring you straight to your hotel in the historic center of Cartagena. The location of your accommodation is ideal and you will be close to the restaurants  and the main touristic sight of this colonial city.


Depending on your arrival time, you will have some free time to acclimatize, get used to the heat, relax, and maybe discover already a little bit of the colonial center.


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas





Time to discover the pearl of the Caribbean! You will have the day to get to know the many faces of Cartagena. Learn about its history by getting lost in the streets and visiting the museums, try its delicious sea food in the many great restaurants, and take pictures of the colorful colonial buildings that never bore.


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas


Day 3 – 16/8: MORE CARTAGENA!


Today you will have an extra day in Cartagena. We can recommend the following activities:

  • Visiting the Bazurto market
  • Taking a salsa class (School: Crazy Salsa)
  • Go to a beautiful beach (Blue Apple – Beach House)


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas



Enjoy your morning in colorful Cartagena and take the last pictures of the colonial cobblestone streets.  You will be picked up in the early afternoon and be brought to the your hotel in Santa Marta.


This is a drive of about 4 hours near the coastline and through little villages so don´t forget to let your eyes feast on the beauty surrounding you.


By the late afternoon you will be dropped off of at your hotel in the historical center of Santa Marta. The location of your accommodation is ideal and you will be close to the restaurants  and the main touristic sights of this colonial city. Now it is time to start preparing yourselves mentally for the 4 coming days in the jungle!


 Accommodation: Hotel Casa del Farol



 You will leave Santa Marta around 09:00.  A jeep will bring you to the starting point of your walk, the little village of El Mamey. And then, after your lunch, the real adventure starts! You will have to begin your walk of four days trough beautiful landscapes.


The hike of the first day will be mostly uphill, 7,6 kilometer long, and bring you to La Cabaña Adán, where you will spend the first night.


The cabaña is located next to a natural swimming pool so don´t forget to bring your swimming outfit to be able to relax your challenged muscles in the crystal clear water. After relaxing and interacting with the other tourists you will be served your diner.


After dark and while everybody is tired from the first hike, there won´t be much more to do then go to bed and think about the adventures that are awaiting you on the next days!


Accommodation: Cabaña de Adán. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.



Day 2 and hike 2 of your Lost City experience! Today you will go from cabaña de Adán to cabaña de Rumualdo, a  distance of 14,7 kilometers, that will take around 8 hours.


Breakfast will be served early and right after, you will start the challenging hike. The vegetation will get wilder and wilder and on your way you will pass some settlements of the Kogui people. This is an indigenous tribe that still lives in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.


Your guide will explain you some interesting customs and facts about their culture and, if you are lucky, you might be able to directly communicate with them.


After arrival you will have the time to relax, swim, eat, and rest.


Accommodation: Cabaña de Rumualdo. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.

Day 7 – 20/8: THE RUINS!


An early breakfast and then time has come to finally hike the last part to spectacular Ciudad Perdida! After more or less an hour you will reach the first ruins. Your guide will show you around and give the necessary explanations. You will have around 3 hours to enjoy the views and experience the magic of the lost city.


After these wonderful moments you will start your way back and leave the Lost City. You will hike for 7,6 kilometers and 4 hours to cabaña Gabriel where you will have the time to relax, exchange thoughts on the Ciudad Perdida with other tourists, swim and get ready for the night and day 4.


Accommodation: Cabaña de Gabriel. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.

Day 8 – 21/8: LAST HIKE & TO TAYRONA 


Another early rise because today you will have to walk for 6 hours to go back to the village of El Mamey, where everything started. This is a hike of 15.6 kilometers and about 6 hours, luckily this time mostly downhill.


You will have lunch in the village and then board a jeep that will you bring back to Santa Marta. However, we can make sure that the jeep drops you off at the entrance of your hotel in Tayrona. This means that you will have to bring all your luggage with you on the first day and you will leave it in the village of El Mamey where they will keep it safe for you for the 4 days of hiking.


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona

Day 9 – 22/8: TAYRONA


Today you can relax and let your sore muscles rest from the Ciudad Perdida hike! You will wake up in your beautiful hotel that is located near the entrance of Tayrona National Park. The hotel has its own private beach, outdoor pool, and restaurant.


Enjoy the sea, the swimming pool, and all facilities that your beach hotel has to offer.


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona



Today is the perfect day to visit Tayrona National Park. The hotel can arrange for you to be brought to the entrance of the park so you spend the day discovering the beautiful beaches and jungle walk at your own pace. The entrance fee to the park is 45.000 COP/person.


You can of course also opt to stay and enjoy your free time relaxing at the beach or swimming pool of the hotel.


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona





Another day to enjoy Tayrona and its beautiful surroundings!


Accommodation: Hotel Villa Maria Tayrona




Today it is time to leave the Caribbean coast towards Medellin, the city of the eternal spring. You will be picked up in the hotel after breakfast and taken by car to the airport of Santa Marta where you will take a flight to Medellin.


The driver will await you in arrivals and take you to your hotel located right in El Poblado: the modern and cozy area of this vibrant city. After check-in in the hotel, you will have some time to start discovering the neighbourhood.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa La Fleur



It´s time to discover Medellin. You will have the day for yourselves to decide what to do. The city has a lot to offer. You can discover some museums and neighbourhoods on your own, take the free walking tour,  or book a tour from the hotel with a guide.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa La Fleur

Day 14 –  27/8: MORE MEDELLIN


Today you will have the day to discover more of Medellin. It might be a good idea to visit the surroundings and go to Guatapé and the Piedra de Peñol. You can do this on your own with buses or you can book a tour from the hotel.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa La Fleur



You will have almost a full day to discover the rest of Medellin. In the early evening, we have a flight arranged to bring you to Bogota. A driver will bring you at the appropirate time to the airport of Medellin. Another driver will await you in the airport of Bogota and drive you to your hostel in the colonial enter of Bogotá.


 Accommodation: Hostel Masaya

Colombia vacation packages - Bogota

Day 16 to 18 –  29/8 to 31/8 : DISCOVERING BOGOTA


 You will have the next three days avalaible to discover everything Bogota has to offer. Colombia´s capital has a rich history and is famous for its graffiti. We can recommend the following activities:

  • The main square with its political buildings
  • The Monserrate hill
  • Take the well-known Bogota bike tour
  • Take the Bogotá Grafitti tour
  • The free Bogota Walking tour
  • Pay a visit to the famous Gold museum and the Botero museum
  • Try to get to the lake of Guatavita and the saltcathedral of Zipaquira (outside of Bogota)



 Accommodation: Hostel Masaya



Depending on your departure time, you can still enjoy some time in Bogotá. As your hotel is located right in the middle of La Candelaria, the historical old town of Bogotá, you could easily visit the main museums (Gold and Botero) and walk the colonial streets around them.


A private driver will pick you up in the center and take you to the airport so you can catch you flight back home.


This means that the end of your trip has come. We are sure you are going to fly home with good memories of this magical country with its impressive lush nature, kind people, and beautiful beaches and mountains!



The quoted price includes:

– All local flights

– Transport, tours, and accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary

– Breakfast in each hotel

– 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff

– The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip

– A local SIM card with emergency credit

– A travel application with access to all details of your trip


The quoted price does not include:

– International flight

– Travel insurance

– Not mentioned services and meals


  • Price based on group of 2.
  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
  • By booking this trip you agree with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned here.



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