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La Guajira, a stunning desert by the Caribbean Sea, is a new attraction for foreign visitors according to CNN.


A few weeks ago, the American cable news CNN, published a very interesting article about a desert near the Caribbean Sea that is attracting more and more foreign tourists: La Guajira.


Nico Nicolson, a CNN journalist, travelled to La Guajira to discover the marvels of one of the most remote regions of South America. The landscapes he found are so unbelievable that they are difficult to describe. According to him, the idea of a desert lapped by the waves of the Caribbean Sea is so surreal that Google automatically changes most searches for “Caribbean desert” to “Caribbean dessert”.


But, this place actually exists. At La Guajira, right at the northernmost spot of Colombia, 200-meters high sand dunes tumble straight down into the Caribbean Sea. The cacti dominated landscapes are home to the Wayuu indigenous communities who survive in the harsh condition by herding and weaving.


Foreign tourists are starting to travel to this wonderful region to discover its stunning landscapes, to enjoy clear night skies offering fantastic stargazing opportunities, and to kitesurf in one of the best spots to practice this sport in South America.


La Guajira is a remote tourist destination that satisfies the travelers who dare to come. It has now become one of the top Colombia Tourist Attractions. Or, put in Nico´s words, “For those who have done it, the trip to a geographical extremity most people have probably never heard of is well worth the rough ride.”


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To read CNN´s full article, click here


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