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Amazon Jungle Adventure

Travel Itinerary - 5 or 6 days

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Your flight will bring you to Colombia´s most southern city: Leticia. You will be picked up at the local airport and brought to a speed boat on the Amazon River. From the harbor it will be a trip of 75 kilometers over a river that serves as the borders of Colombia, Brazil, and Peru, and from where you can already start enjoying the views on local villages and the nature next to the river. The boat will bring you to your first accommodation in the jungle: Zacambu Rainforest Lodge. This is where you Amazon Jungle Trip truly starts!


After you make yourself comfortable in your room you will be served a typical regional dish as lunch. In the afternoon you will go on a trip by boat to a spot where the friendly pink and grey dolphins enjoy their afternoons. If you are lucky you will even be able to swim wit them! From the boat you will be able to witness a great sunset over the water and with the jungle noises in the background.


Hotel: Zacambu Rainforest Lodge- Double room with shared bathroom.

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After your local breakfast you will start a morning of activities. First, you will take a boat and look for animals near the riversides. The boat  ride will bring you to the starting point of a jungle walk on which your guide will tell you more about many medicinal plants, special trees, and typical flora and fauna.


The jungle walk will bring you to point from where the boat will be waiting for you so you can continue your adventurous explorations over the river. Keep your eyes wide open for the birds, caymans, monkeys, sloths and etc on your way!


In the afternoon it will be time to leave the lodge by canoe and go look for the impressive exotic Victoria Amazonica lilies. These are the biggest lilies in the world and can be found in lake Marajá. Depending on the season you will get to the lake by foot or by canoe.

After the darkness has set time has come to go discover the river by night! You will go look for caimans in their natural habitat and other kind of nocturnal animals that live near the riverbanks. Your guide will try to get a caiman out of the water so you can observe the animal from close-by.


Hotel: Zacambu Rainforest Lodge- Double room with shared bathroom.



Again you will start your day by taking a boat over the rive to enjoy the waking up of the jungle and the early rising of the sun. Don´t just look around but also listen to the sound of nature. Today you will go fishing! You will specifically fish for the red piranha and use a basic fishing rod to do so.


In the afternoon you will go to a beautiful nearby lake to enjoy the remoteness of the place, interesting landscapes and wildlife, and a hopefully gorgeous sunset. Feel the connection with nature on this Amazon Jungle Trip!


Hotel: Zacambu Rainforest Lodge- Double room with shared bathroom.


Amazon Jungle
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Today your Amazon Jungle Trip will look a bit different. you will leave the  Zacambu Rainforest Lodge and be brought to another exciting place in the jungle. After your breakfast you will take a boat over the impressive Amazon river to a beautiful spot at 130 kilometer away from your first accommodation.


You will spend the next night in the Tupana Arü Ü natural reserve. Your private bungalow will be located in a ecosystem that is a lot higher than the one of Zacambu. This means that the flora and fauna surrounding you will be different.

In the afternoon a local guide will show you the jungle and you will go on an impressive jungle walk. On this walk he will tell you more about the way of living in the jungle, the customs of the locals and indigenous groups.

After diner your guide will take you on a night walk through the jungle. You will have to keep your eyes open for all the snakes, bats, frogs, insects and other typical nocturnal animals that live in the area.

Hotel: Bungalow in Tupana Arü Ü natural reserve – private bathroom.




After your breakfast you will go for an amazing walk in the jungle. You will discover some new paths and see the differences between heights and its vegetation in the jungle. Thanks to all the different jungle walks you will be able to enjoy the full experience of being in a tropical forest. Your native guide will try to transmit his knowledge and passion for the jungle by explaining and showing you as much as possible!


After your walk you will enjoy your last lunch in the jungle and then set course to the indigenous community of La Libertad, which is a little village of indigenous people that live near the shore of the Amazon river. There you can observe the customs of an ancient culture that is still very much alive these days.

After your visit you will take a boat back to Leticia where you will be picked up at the harbor and dropped-of at the airport for your flight to another beautiful destination in Colombia.


What´s Included on this Amazon Jungle Trip:

  • 6 days/5 nights – or 5 days/4 nights – depending on the time of arrival in the airport of Leticia.
  • 3 nights of  accommodation in jungle huts next to the river and  1 nights in bungalows in the middle of the jungle.
  • 1 night of accommodation in Leticia if needed (all depending on arrival and/or departure time of your flight)
  • 3 meals a day on the tour.
  • Indigenous Spanish-speaking guide.
  • Small group size.
  • Drink water.
  • All activities.



To keep in mind about this Amazon Jungle Trip:  

  • The accommodation in the jungle is basic. You will have to share bathrooms in the first lodge and electricity will only be available between 6 PM and 9 PM.
  • It is advised to travel light as you will have to carry your luggage for 30 minutes on your way to the second accommodation. (around 7 kg. You can leave the rest of your luggage safely behind in the offices in Leticia)
  • Depending on the season some walks might be replaced with canoeing as the water level will be too high.
  • The order of activities might change due to weather conditions.
  • You will be given rubber boots to walk.



  • Price based on group of 2.
  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
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