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Is it advisable to travel to Colombia while pregnant?

Is it advisable to travel to Colombia while pregnant?

Pregnancy is an idyllic stage for a lot of women, and it represents some of the most romantic moments for most couples. Lovers, facing an imminent parenthood, begin to build their future and rethink how they want to live it. Some of them might consider going on an intimate and last trip together as a family of two.

But it is advisable to travel by plane during pregnancy?

The truth is that there are many myths about pregnancy and one of the most common one is the one that states that while you are expecting, you should not fly. This has led to many pregnant women deciding to not visit Colombia as you almost always need a flight to get to the country. For this reason, we want to share some conditions that you have to keep in mind when traveling to Colombia when pregnant. We will also share with you the requirements you must meet if you want to vacation in this magical country.


First, you should know that if you are under 28 weeks pregnant, you can travel without restriction in accordance with the policies of most of the airlines. However, it is always prudent to seek extra guidance and ask for a double check with our experts because some companies manage their own policies. You should be able to go anywhere in Colombia. We would just recommend to maybe avoid the jungle-like and isolated destinations because they are usually a bit for away from good medical centers.

Colombia while pregnant

You should be more careful when you are between 29 and 35 weeks pregnant. From 29 weeks on, it is recommended t to consult with your gynecologists. In case you have his or her approval, choose a destination in Colombia that does not involve big efforts. Cities like Medellín, Bogotá and Cartagena are excellent options. Besides enjoying all their tourist attractions, they can provide good and nearby medical attention, if required.


After 36 weeks it is not wise to board a plane. However, after you are recovered from the pregnancy and your baby has built a strong immune system, you should be able to travel to Colombia without any problem. Check our article on traveling with children to get an idea on where you could travel in the country.

Finally, if you decided to buy one of our packages to Colombia when pregnant, we recommend that you consult your physician, try to stay comfortable at all times, be careful of mosquitoes and watch your diet. For those afraid of contracting a disease through mosquitos, we can confidently say that diseases like Zika are extremely rare in Colombia and are more likely to be extracted in the jungle-like borders with Brazil. In that case, we think it is advisable to avoid the jungle and stay in the touristic areas where everything is completely safe. Even more, you can decide to visit only places within Colombia that are located on high altitude because these regions are completely mosquito-free and thus safe.


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Colombia while pregnant

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