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Is Colombia safe to travel around? The only danger is wanting to stay!

It is hard to believe that Colombia still has a terrible image. This is due to a history in drug trafficking, violence and corruption. In reality, however, traveling around the country in recent years looks nothing like it did in the past.


The way in which Colombia has been advancing in the last 15 years has radically changed the face of the country, not only for the outside world, but also for its inhabitants.


Unfortunately, when someone thinks about traveling to Colombia, they are given a lot of unnecessary precautions based on what happened years ago. So, the burning question is, is Colombia safe to travel around?


In order to show you why Colombia is now safe to travel around, we will need to expose 3 myths about what is supposedly going on in Colombia right now:


1. Is every city in Colombia dangerous?

Like in other countries, you must be constantly aware and be careful with your possessions when you are on the streets. Nowadays, in every popular city there are people who want to steal other people’s belongings. Thieves are all around the world, that’s why you must take care of your things.


But it’s nothing out of the ordinary, and nothing to be scared of. So, after taking this into account, Colombia is safe to travel around, and not every city in Colombia is dangerous.

is Colombia safe to travel

2. Am I going to be robbed if I travel inside Colombia by bus or car?

Thanks to the peace agreements and some other previous efforts, Colombian governments have invested a lot in improving its road infrastructure and buses. In addition, Colombia´s safety matter has also changed in a very positive way.


There are not so many attacks against the civilian population. So, it is correct to assure you´ll have no problems if you decide to travel by bus or car between cities in Colombia.

is Colombia safe to travel

3. Is Colombia all about drugs and narcos?

Not everything is drugs and narcos as media has shown historically. This stereotypical version of Colombia is not real anymore. Due to the peace agreements and to the fact that all the drug cartels were cut down in the late 90´s, Colombia´s panorama has positively changed.


In fact, Colombian people are very friendly and helpful, especially with tourists. If you ask them, “Is Colombia safe to travel around?” they’ll answer, “Yes! Without a doubt it is.”

is Colombia safe to travel

It is evident that Colombia is still in the process of completely emerging from a spiral of violence that has beaten it for many years. But the situation has improved immensely, and Colombians are anxious to receive tourists and show off their already famous hospitality and happiness.


So, is Colombia safe to travel around? Off course it is! It’s a beautiful country you will fell in love with each one of its corners.

Visiting Colombia is far from dangerous. On the contrary, it will be one of the most fun and incredible experiences you will ever have.


This country has great natural, historical and cultural treasures, making this destination a favorite for every adventurer who wants to experience the magical realism present in every corner. Read more about this topic here.

In fact, nowadays many travelers come from different parts of the world to visit Colombia, the Latin American gem, a country of color and flavor.


We hope we have answered your question – Is Colombia safe to travel around? – and that you decide to explore this amazing country.


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