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10 Dos and don’ts for getting around Colombia

Getting around Colombia like a pro: 10 dos and don’ts

Today Colombia is considered one of the hottest destinations for travelers. There are many places to visit, as well as things to do. However, going on this journey, as well as going on any others, requires preparation; you need to cover your basics. Here are some dos and don’ts for getting around Colombia; Avoid trouble and have a great trip from beginning to end.


Dos’ for getting around Colombia


1. Trust the local airlines


In Colombia there are many airlines, both standard and low cost, which you can use for getting around Colombia. Companies like Avianca or Copa, among many others, offer flights all day long and cover most of the touristic places.


For example, for tourist destinations within Colombia, like Cartagena and San Andrés Island, the average cost will be no higher than 180 dollars during low season, while to cities like Medellín and Cali it should be even cheaper.

2. Immerse yourself in nature


If you have the chance to rent a car or hire a private car service, don’t miss the opportunity to get into nature. Colombia has some of the most beautiful landscapes that you cannot miss. For example, if you are driving around Eje Cafetero, you must stop in the Cocora Valley, or Salento. There are some natural wonders to be discovered there. Don’t forget that in this country you can find mountains, valleys, jungles and more.

3. Buy travel insurance


To avoid any problems, it’s better to have travel insurance that will cover everything. If you are traveling with a travel agency, ask for an insurance package that covers all health emergencies, and which protects you from theft, and any flight delays or cancellations.


This last part is very important, especially if you are going to get around by air. Be sure the insurance covers all travel, and guarantees the full refund of your money if anything happens.

4. Landscapes, food and nature


When traveling by land, you have the opportunity to stop wherever you want. So, don’t waste the opportunity of tasting some of the local cuisine.


On most of the roads you can taste some of the typical dishes, as well as candies, and even traditional fruits. There are also some important spots where you can appreciate the views and unique landscapes.

what do you need to travel in Colombia

5. Use the local means of transportation


If you are visiting areas like Eje Cafetero, try taking a “Jipao”. These jeeps are part of the tradition in this region and show more of the heritage of this part of the country.  Most of tourists use them to make short trips between municipalities or to get around the little towns.

Don’ts for getting around Colombia


1. Ordering a taxi or take it in the street?


Many people ask: is Colombia safe to travel? Even though Colombia is still thought to be too unsafe, the reality is that is safer than people think. However, there are some recommendations you should take into account for getting around Colombia safely. In most of the main cities, like Bogotá or Medellín, it is not recommended that you hail a taxi on the street. Sometimes, gangs use this as an opportunity to rob people. It’s best to request the service using an app, or by asking your hotel to order you a taxi. It’s better to pay the extra so that you can be absolutely safe.

Driving in Colombia

2. Colombia isn’t only the Caribbean


The temperature varies depending on where you are in Colombia, so be aware of the climate in the place you are going to visit. For example, if you are traveling to cities like Bogotá, Boyacá, or Pasto, don’t forget to bring a warm jacket and other protection from the cold, especially for the nights.

3. Rent a car without being sure about the routes


Even though driving in Colombia is a great way to get to know more about the country, it’s important for you to find out some things before setting off. Learn about which areas to avoid if you are traveling without a guide, as well as the most recommended roads to travel on during the night. You can find a lot of really useful information about driving regulations and rules on this website. 

4. Travel during holiday season


Because there are so many touristic places in Colombia, it may be impossible to book a flight during the holiday season, and if you do, it is super expensive. It’s advisable to either travel off-season, or to consider destinations which are not as touristy.

5. Travel by land if you don’t have much time


If you are traveling by land, you have to be extra careful with time, since it will take much longer. For example, a road trip to Cartagena can take up to 18 hours, whereas by air it would take no longer than 2 hours. So, be well organized to avoid any trouble with your bookings and tickets.



Finally, our most important recommendation for getting around Colombia is for you to enjoy your journey, and to be happy. Allow yourself to be mesmerized by the nature, history, beauty and delicious food.


Take these tips into account, get well informed and prepare yourself, so that you can have a fantastic time without any setbacks.


With this information, you will be armed to be a more informed traveler and therefore enjoy even more your upcoming trip to this marvelous country.


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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