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Travel Itinerary - 26 days

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Today your Colombian adventure starts! You will arrive in the international airport of Bogotá where a driver will await you and bring you to your cozy hotel in the center of the city.


Don´t forget to take out out cash from one of the many cash machines, or to exchange your currency in one of the exchange offices in the airport.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Deco.



After waking up in Colombia and having a typical breakfast it is time to set course to the south. A driver will pick you up and bring you to the beautiful Tatacoa desert. This is a drive of about 6 hours on which you will drive through the mountains surrounding Bogotá.


You will feel the temperature change the closer you are getting to the Tataoa desert. The last hour is a wonderful drive through the desert itself so you can already get some first impressions.


Your hotel is located in the middle of the desert and has a pleasant swimming pool with views over the desert. Furthermore, you will not spend the night in a normal room but you will do some glamping in of their bioeggs that are specially constructed to be able to fully enjoy the starry nights in the desert.


Accommodation: Hotel Bethel Bio Luxury



After breakfast it is time to start the Tatacoa desert tour. Together with a local guide, who lives with his family in the desert, you will discover the peculiar landscapes one of Colombia´s most arid zones. You will notice that part of the desert has a specific reddish color while other parts of the desert are rather yellowish. Both of them are home to many giant cacti and weird rocks.


You will have lunch, not included, in a local restaurant in the desert. We recommend you to try out some goat meat as it is one of the specialties of the region.


Afterwards you can enjoy your unique hotel and relax in one of the two swimming pools that offer great views over the desert.


Accommodation: Glamping in Bethel Bio Luxury hotel





Today you will go even deeper into the south of Colombia. You will be brought by a driver to the mysterious and greenly surrounded San Agustin!


This is a drive of about 6 hours, but luckily for you, along breathtaking landscapes so you can let your eyes feast. The hotel in San Agustin is located in the middle of the typical green mountains of the San Agustin region.


Accommodation: Akawanka Lodge



This is your day in San Agustin. It will be up to you to decide how to spend the day. You can opt to go to the archaeological park, an amazing UNESCO World Heritage Site, that shows the most important findings of the Pre-columbian culture that lived in the area a long time ago. Or, you can arrange with the hotel to organize transport to other archaeological sites in the surroundings of San Agustin.


If you ask in advance the hotel can also arrange a horseback riding tour for you that brings you to some sites that are harder to reach. This tour will allow you to take in the beautiful landscapes and observe the many plantations surrounding San Agustin.



Accommodation: Akawanka lodge





Today you have a flight back to Bogota in the afternoon. This flight leaves from Pitalito, at 45 minutes of San Agustin, and arrives in Colombia´s capital in the late afternoon.


This means that you will have the morning available to still enjoy beautiful San Agustin and that you still have the chance to visit the archaeological park or other archaeological sites.


 Accommodation: Hotel Habitel



After breakfast it is time to set course to the airport of Bogotá so you can take your morning flight to Santa Marta. A driver will pick you up at your accommodation and make sure you get there on time.


You will get to Santa Marta in the early afternoon and be brought to your beautiful boutique hotel in the historic center of the city. You can already take in the first impressions of this bustling coastal city that has a small colonial center.  Don´t forget to try out some delicious seafood or ceviche for diner!


Accommodation: Hotel Casa del Farol




One of the most amazing places in Colombia is Ciudad Perdida. In this 4-days tour, you will hike your way to this ancient ruined city in the middle of the jungle of la Sierra Nevada. This trek will astonish you with natural richness, splashing waterfalls with natural pools, indigenous villages and mysterious archaeological sites. The hike can be challenging form time to time but will totally be worth it. Each day you will walk for a couple of hours and relax the rest of the day by swimming in natural pools and unwinding in hammocks.


The last day, you will be brought back to Santa Marta in the late-afternoon so you will have some time to rest and relax in your hotel´s swimming pool before dinner.


  • Included: accommodation, meals, snacks, water, and guide.
  • Also included: Accommodation when back in Santa Marta –  In La Casa del Farol


Keep in mind:

  1. You will spend the nights in shared huts with other hikers. You will get a bunk bed with a blanket.
  2. You will have to carry your own luggage. However, it is possible to leave some luggage behind in the hotel or in the offices of the agency.





After 4 days of serious hiking it will be nice to be given time to recuperate a little bit and what would be better than doing so in your boutique hotel with swimming pool and with a beach at walking distance?


However, if you feel fit enough and want to see some of Colombia´s most beautiful beaches than you can always arrange with the hotel to be brought tot the entrance of Tayrona National Park. Here you can make a calm but gorgeous walk along the amazing beaches.


The entrance of the park is located at more ore less an hour drive of the hotel. The park closes at 17:00 so make sure to bring a watch to keep an eye on the time. The walk itself is of easy level and not challenging so you won´t have to warm up your muscles again.


Accommodation: Hotel La Casa del Farol




Today is the day you will get to know Cartagena! We have arranged for you to be picked up at your hotel in Santa Marta after your breakfast. You will be driven in 4 hours to Cartagena along a beautiful coastline and through different little villages so make sure to keep your eyes open for this Caribbean uniqueness.


Your boutique hotel is perfectly located in the middle of the colonial center of the city. After arrival and settling in your hotel you can immediately start discovering the city and its pleasant atmosphere.


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas





Admit it, your days at the Caribbean coast of Colombia have to be celebrated in style! At 08:45 you will be brought to the local harbor of Cartagena to take a speedboat to Isla Grande. This is one of the beautiful islands of the Islas Rosarios. This is an island group located at one hour navigating from the shore of Cartagena.


The island has a sublime hotel that is called San Pedro de Majagua where you will spend one night. This hotel has its own beach and restaurant. It will be a day of pure pampering and relaxing.


Your hotel can always help you out in case you want to do some other activities besides sunbathing and enjoying the Caribbean sea. They organize bird watching tours, diving courses, snorkeling trips, kayaking, massages, or walks  through the mangroves.


Accommodation: Hotel Majagua on Isla Grande





Today you will still have time until 14:00 to enjoy the beach and other activities the island has to offer.


Around 15:00 you will be brought back to the harbor of Cartagena by speedboat. From the harbor you will be transported back to your hotel in the colonial center of the city.  Like this you will be able to perfectly view the sunset and enjoy a nice diner in one of the many delicious restaurants of Cartagena.


Accommodation: Hotel 3 Banderas





You will have the morning and early afternoon available to discover the city of Cartagena. Get lost in the beautiful little streets with colorful houses of the city center and visit the different touristic highlights the city has to offer. In the late afternoon you will be brought to the airport so you won´t miss your flight back to Bogotá.


Today it might be a good idea to go to bed early because the next days are going to be one big adventure when you are discovering the breathtaking east of Colombia, more specifically Los Cerros de Mavecure!


Accommodation: Hotel Habitel.

Colombian bucket list




This all-in package of 4 days/3nights offers you the best of the easternmost part of Colombia. Your trip will start with a early morning flight from Bogotá to Inírida where you will spend your first afternoon looking for the unique pink dolphins in a nearby lake.


Day two begins with a boat trip to a very important geographical spot in Colombia, La Estrella Fluvial del Sur. This is the place where three main rivers merge into one before continuing its way to nearby Venezuela. After taking a swim and spotting the occasional pink dolphin, you´ll set course to the main goal of this trip, Los Cerros de Mavecure. Right after arriving you will climb the first hill, El Cerro Pajarito. A challenging but absolutely rewarding walk as the views are unbelievably beautiful. You will spend the night in the church of the indigenous village of El Venado, at the bottom of the hills.


The third day will start with a delicious and typical breakfast made by the locals. Then, you will cross the river to explore the other two hills of the Cerros de Mavecure.  After a morning of climbing, walking, and taking pictures it will be time to relax and you will go by boat to a little beach to cool down and give your mildly challenged muscles a break. The water of the river has a unique color that ranges from dark brown to reddish-orange and even bright yellow. After this worthwhile swim you will be given a final look at the Cerros de Mavecure before heading back to Inírida.


The last and fourth day has different activities in store for you. You will learn more about the local flower, la flor de Inírida, view special indigenous symbols drawn on rocks in a local village, and have your last swim in the reddish waters of the rivers. An afternoon flight will take you back to Bogotá.


  • Included in tour: 4 days/3 nights tour,  2 nights of accommodation in a basic hotel in Inírida, 1 night of accommodation in  El Venado, 3 meals a day on the tour, drink water and snacks, professional Spanish-speaking guide, all activities, and entrance fees.
  • Also included: Hotel when back in Bogotá – Hotel Casa Deco


To keep in mind:

1. There are only 4 flights a week available to Inírida.

2. The night in El Venado will be – or on inflatable mattresses with a mosquito net – or in a hammock.

3. All activities are weather depended and might change order.





Today is the day you are going to the beautiful coffee zone. At 08:55 you have a flight planned to Pereira which means that you will be dropped off at the airport  at 07:30.


You will land in Pereira at 09:55 and be brought by a driver to your hotel near the coffee town of Salento, a drive of about 1 hour. The hotel itself is a gorgeous hacienda located 10 minutes outside of Salento itself.


You will spend your time in a hotel that is a traditional coffee hacienda, surrounded by a lush exotic garden and active coffee plantations.  Around it you will see the typical green mountains of this impressive region.


You will take part in a coffee tour in the plantations of the hotel in the afternoon. This allows you to discover everything there is to know about Colombia´s main export product! You will not only see how the coffee beans grow and are processed but you will also be given the chance to try out different kinds of coffees.


Accommodation: Hotel Reserva El Cairo

Day 22: Valle de Cocora


After your breakfast in the exotic garden of the hotel it will be time to go discover and explore the impressive Valle de Cocora with a local guide. You will hike your way up the mountains and through the beautiful Cocora valley  that is dotted with huge palm trees. These are the national trees of Colombia, the Quindio Wax palm trees, that can grow to as tall as 60 meters! The hike will last for more or less 6 hours and will  bring you to a resting point where hundreds of hummingbirds live.


Afterwards you will visit Salento, a colonial villages nested at the feet of the Cocora valley. Here, you will have to opportunity to enjoy the cozy streets of the center and take pictures of the colorful houses.


Accommodation: Hotel Reserva El Cairo



Now you have discovered the coffeezone, time has come to go to Villa de Leyva. You will fly back to Bogotá, where you will be picked up in the airport and be brought directly to Villa de Leyva.


This is a three hour drive from the airport of Bogotá. After arriving and having settled down in your traditional decorated hotel you can immerse yourself in the beauty of gorgeously white Villa de Leyva. Make sure to walk through the narrow cobblestone streets with its many little shops, traditional facades and beautiful arts and crafts.


Accommodation: Hotel La Posada de San Antonio


towns in Colombia



You will be picked up by an English speaking guide at your hotel in the morning. He will take you on a trip back in time to the prehistory of Villa de Leyva. On your way you will learn where once the prehistoric sea was located and you will see weird rock formations and natural phenomena like Pozo Azules.


You will also visit a couple of museums that are dedicated to the study of the many fossils found in the region. One of them exhibits a giant Kronosaurus. Furthermore, you will discover a museum about the colonial history of the place, an old monastery, and “el infiernito“, which is a sacred place for the local Muisca people. At the end of the tour you will pay a visit to the Terracota house to see how local natural materials are used for house building.


Accommodation:  La Posada de San Antonio



A driver will pick you up in the morning and bring you back to Colombia´s capital. On your way to Bogotá you will make a stop in Zipaquira where you will pay a visit to an impressive underground salt cathedral. An English speaking guide will show you around in this 120 meter deep salt mine that is decorated with crosses and statues made of salt.


Zipaquira is a 2,5 hours drive from Villa de Leyva and from there it is another 2,5 hour to bustling Bogotá.  After arriving and settling down in your hotel it is time to mentally prepare yourself for your last moments in Colombia.


Accommodation: Hotel Casa Deco.





Depending on what time you have your flight you will have the morning free to enjoy Bogota. You will be able to visit the places you didn´t have the chance for on your first day or to revisit the most beautiful spots.


At the appropriate time will be brought to the international airport of Bogotá. This means that the end of your trip has come. We are sure you are going to fly home with  good memories of this magical country with its impressive lush nature, kind people, and beautiful beaches and mountains!





The quoted price includes:

– All local flights

– Transport, tours, and accommodation as mentioned in the itinerary

– Breakfast in each hotel

– 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff

– The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip

– A local SIM card with emergency credit

– A travel application with access to all details of your trip



The quoted price does not include:

– International flight

– Travel insurance

– Not mentioned services and meals


  • Price is subject to change, depending on availability of hotels and flights.
  • By booking this trip you agree with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned here
  • This is a sample itinerary to be used only as an example.
  • Prices mentioned in this sample itinerary are only for illustration purposes and do not represent an official quote.



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