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The perfect Colombian bucket list for your interests

One of the main things we consider when deciding where to travel next is what we like to do. While some people enjoy adventure and nature, others prefer cultural or relaxing experiences. Let us help you discover which sites to include in your Colombian bucket list according to your interests.

1. Nature lovers


Colombia is well-known for its astounding biodiversity. One in every ten animal and plant species in the world can be found in the country’s tropical rain forests, deserts, mountains, plains, and oceans.


  • The Amazon Jungle


The Amazonas Department is a Colombian bucket list top destination for nature lovers. Home to a portion of the renowned rainforest, it offers some of the country’s most striking views, as well as the opportunity to visit indigenous communities. The Amacayacu National Park and the Tanimboca Natural Reserve are popular sites.


Colombian bucket list
  • Tayrona National Park


The Tayrona National Park is another Colombian treasure. Covering over 37.000 acres between land and sea, it is famous for its white-sanded and crystalline-watered beaches—ideal for both lounging, and exciting activities like snorkeling. The park has over 100 species of mammals, 300 species of birds, close to 110 species of coral, and more.

2. Adventurers


Most regions of Colombia have something to offer to bold spirits.


  • Barichara and San Gil


An adventurer’s Colombian bucket list usually includes San Gil, known as the national extreme sports capital. It is the ideal place to try out activities like caving, paragliding, and rafting. There is also the option to bungee-jump and the region is anyway breathtaking!

Colombian bucket list
  • El Cocuy National Park


Stop by El Cocuy National Park, on the eastern side of the Andes mountain range. Popular among climbers and hikers alike, this 750.000-acre area gathers 18 snow peaks ranging between an altitude of 1.900 and 17.400. Visitors can enjoy temperatures as warm as 75 °F, and as cold as 26 °F. It boasts magical landscapes of valleys full of frailejones, desolate glaciers, and rocky volcanic paths.


Colombian bucket list
  • The Tatacoa Desert


On the other end of the spectrum is the Tatacoa Desert. Erosion has dried up this 81.400-acre area for over 60 million years, giving it its gray and ochre hues. It is home to cacti and wildlife like snakes, tortoises, eagles, scorpions, lizards, and ocelots. Travelers usually camp here, as it is one of the best spots for stargazing in South America. You will be able to see about 88 constellations due to its location, and its cloudless sky.

Tatacoa Desert

3. Culture buffs


A well-rounded Colombian bucket list can be everything your culture-loving heart desires.


  • Bogota


Bogotá is one of the best cities to visit in Colombia for a vibrant cultural scene. The capital city has many art and history museums. See the largest collection of pre-hispanic gold work in the world (over 34.000 pieces) at the Gold Museum. Moreover, Bogotá regularly hosts many cultural events such as plays, concerts, and exhibitions.

Colombian bucket list
  • Cartagena


A good Colombia travel itinerary usually includes the coastal city of Cartagena. Founded in 1533 by the Spanish, it was one of the most sophisticated fort towns in the world. Because it was constantly attacked by pirates back then, it now showcases a walled city and other military constructions.

Colombian bucket list
  • San Agustin and Tierradentro


For a taste of indigenous culture, see the biggest group of religious monuments and megalithic sculptures in South America at San Agustín Archeological Park. It is testimony of the religion, artistry, and technology of a lost civilization. Do not leave the country without visiting the pre-hispanic monumental underground tombs of the National Archaeological Park of Tierradentro.

Colombian bucket list

4. Mellow travelers


  • Villa De Leyva


Colombia has plenty of places where you can enjoy laid back activities. Founded in 1572, Villa de Leyva is a dreamy town of cobblestone streets and white walls. Take a walk around its town square—the biggest in the country—of near to 46.000 square feet. Visit the Paleontological Museum to see over 400 fossils dug up in the area, including many marine reptiles.

towns in Colombia
  • Medellin


A Colombian bucket list remains incomplete without Medellín. Famous for its mix of innovation and traditional ways, it is also a great destination for relaxing getaways. The many quiet, quaint coffee towns nearby make ideal day trips from Medellín for you to unwind.

Colombian bucket list
  • Coffee zone


The Coffee Triangle itself is a haven for mellow travelers. Visit traditional farms to learn about Colombian coffee culture and, of course, taste a cup of the world’s best. This area will also please your senses with beautiful mountain landscapes.

Colombian bucket list

Your perfect Colombian bucket list


No matter your personality, Colombia has what it takes to give you an outstanding tourism experience. Start planning your visit now!


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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