Colombia Tours: Tips for planning a trip to Colombia

Colombia tour packages Tips for planning a trip to Colombia

Lulo Colombia is a travel agency specialized in Colombia tour packages. Our commitment to our clients is to offer customized and tailor-made itineraries so they can visit and get to know our wonderful country.


Our passion is to travel and we love Colombia so we focus on Colombia tour packages. Our team is made up of professionals and passionate people who know about travel and the most important thing that know Colombia like the back of their hands, giving an excellent service and that the experiences lived by our customers are unforgettable and wonderful.


One of our main objectives is to make all our clients fall in love with Colombia and have the best experience of their lives. In addition, the main advantage we have as a local travel agency is that we understand the complexity and uniqueness of our country, as well as having a special approach with our suppliers to ensure that any of our Colombia tour packages reaches and even exceeds your expectations.


In addition, we are a company committed to sustainable tourism and our planet, so part of our income is donated to an NGO called “Fundacion Formemos” that specializes in providing good quality education to children who live in remote places in Colombia. So you will not only live an incredible experience and vacation, at the same time you will be helping children to have a better education and therefore a better future. On this occasion, we want to share with you some characteristics of some packages and suggestions in order to organize the best Colombia tour packages.

Which are the best multi-day tours to do in Colombia?

If you have the opportunity to spend a few days to go on a tour, we have several recommendations that we are sure will take your breath away and you will want to stay longer.


– Lost City

 “Ciudad Perdida” is an earthly paradise that is undoubtedly the highlight for many travelers who visit Colombia. All the people who have visited it praise the spectacular hike through the lush jungle and the astonishing views over the ruins.


It is a 4-day trek that leads you to an ancient ruined city in the middle of the jungle; these ruins belong to the Tairona culture. The best thing about this excursion is that you combine the walk with relaxation and the pleasure of nature because after walking a few hours you can relax and enjoy the campsite where you can find natural pools, as well as exotic animals.

– Casanare

This is the land of the best sunsets, where you can find 142 species of birds and unseen nature and wildlife. This is one of the places in our wonderful country where you will feel closer to the wonders of nature. This is a little-known place in the world and where large numbers of animals are protected. In addition, the people who live in this place are very kind and live in harmony with nature; this trip will undoubtedly allow you to meet animals never seen before and amaze you with the imposing beauty of nature.


– Cerros de Mavecure

The mavecure hills are characterized by being big hills made out of pure rock; this area is characterized by being jungle-like and flat. This place is practically unknown so its beauty is completely natural and the best part of this wonderful experience is to connect with nature.


– Cocuy

This place is characterized by having glaciers! That’s right, glaciers in a tropical country seem taken out of a magical story, and so is this wonderful country. It is a magical place where you can enjoy a wonderful glacier, climb the Andean mountains, discover nature of the tundra and spend a few days observing how the glaciers form lakes and enjoying the base of the park and do some amazing treks.


– Solano Bay

The main attraction of this place is the humpback whales that come to this area every July to give birth to their babies. And the mothers, stay a couple of months while they teach their calves how to dive, control their buoyancy, and fish, making it an impressive show where we can see how mothers give their babies the tools to survive. In addition to the whales, this place has paradisiacal beaches and jungle so it is a must to stay a few days to live the tranquillity of the sea.

– Caño Cristales

This place is defined by one word: breathtaking!


You will not be able to believe the number of colors you will find in the clear waters of the waterfalls and rivers. The best time to visit this place is between July and November because they are the months in which you will be able to observe the great number of colors in the water; the colors in the water are aquatic plants that flood the landscape with beauty and attract other marine species. Caño Cristales is unique in the world and you can only access this place by plane.

Which are the best tours to do in Medellin and surroundings?


 If you want to spend a few days in a wonderful Colombian city, Medellin is a great option. This city has many tourist attractions and you will always find hundreds of activities and places to visit. Without a doubt it is one of the ideal cities to live, its climate is pleasant all year round, it has nightlife and at the same time, you can visit its surroundings where you can observe incredible landscapes, architecture, museums, and history that have made Medellin what it is today.


This city was the house of the well-known Pablo Escobar, who was a notorious drug lord in the eighties and has been the home of wonderful artists like Fernando Botero that the whole city is proud of and you will be able to observe his works of art throughout the city. And, it is easy to understand. Medellin’s climate is pleasant all year round so you won’t have to think about the perfect time to visit. There are many things to do in this great city and you will be amazed by its beauty and architecture, but those that are a must and cannot miss are:


              – Pablo Escobar tour

              – Comuna 13 Tour

              – Guatape and Peñol tour

Which are the best tours to do in Bogotá?


The capital of our country is Bogota. This city is characterized by having a lot of history and you will be able to observe all the facets while visiting different places and observe the beautiful skyscrapers, colonial buildings, museums, markets and above all the old center known as “La Candelaria” this place will transport you to past with its cobbled streets and colourful streets that you could not find anywhere else. In this city, you can visit a museum dedicated to Fernando Botero and you can enjoy the spectacular surroundings such as the impressive salt cathedral of Zipaquira as well as some other amazing day tours that we offer such as:


              – Candelaria Walking tour

              – Bogota full day tour

              – Bogotá Bike tour

              – Bogotá Graffiti tour

              – Paramo hike in Chingaza


These were some options of the vast Colombia tour packages that we offer; the best thing is that you ask for what you want and we assure you that the organization will be ideal. In addition, we share with you estimated times of transportation, as well as the duration of each tour. We can make your trip with the characteristics that you want, if you want vacations with free time we can give you suggestions of what places to visit or you can enjoy wonderful custom-made tours where you can enjoy the wonders of our beautiful country.

One of the advantages of trust in Lulo Colombia Travel is that we have secure payment and we have an easy and safe purchase process and we accept credit card. In addition, we will give you a phone with a local sim card with which you can call, chat or use the internet during your entire trip. Thus, you can be in touch with your friends and family and if you have any questions or want real-time support we will be available 24/7 to help you with whatever you need. The cell phone will have installed an app that has your entire detailed trip, even if they are not connected, and this will help you to use GPS, have updates if there are changes in the schedules of their flights or any change that may arise from your itinerary. Undoubtedly, the best thing about Lulo Colombia Travel is that we will accompany you before, during and after your trip to make sure that the whole experience was better than you imagined.


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