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Colombia Tourist Attractions for Nature Lovers

One of the main reasons people come to Colombia, is to experience its amazing nature. This is not surprising as the Colombia Tourist Attractions for nature lovers are incredibly beautiful and available all year-round.


Colombia´s nature diversity is so big, that there is something for every type of traveller. From dense jungles to deserts, from white-sand beaches to glaciers, from coral reefs to high-altitude mountains, from pink-rivers to rocky hills, and all possible mixes in between.  


I know you might be thinking that most of these things can be found in many countries of the world, and it is true. I am not saying Colombia is the only amazing country for nature lovers. However, I do honestly consider Colombia is the country with the biggest variety of nature attractions located in one single country.


Let me mention some factual data that will help me prove to you that the Colombia Tourist Attractions for nature lovers are unrivalled.


For starters, Colombia is the proud owner of the highest rate of animal species per unit area in the world. Additionally, Colombia hosts the most bird species in the world, of which many can only be seen here, making it a dream paradise for birdwatchers.

It is also home to the largest number of amphibians in the world. However, you won´t only be surprised by the astounding variety of birds and amphibians but also by the exceptional presence of mammals, fish, and reptiles.


Colombia has around 460 species of mammals, ranking it number 2 worldwide. Out of these mammals, 36 are endemic to Colombia and cannot be found anywhere else.

Reptile lovers won´t be let down either. Colombia has 588 species of reptiles, including turtles, snakes, crocodile and lizards. This makes it the 6th richest country for reptiles.


I could bring you plenty other facts, but I am sure you are already dreaming about coming to Colombia and let yourself be surprised and charmed by one of the richest wildlife ever seen.


It is important to mention that nature is not just wildlife. Landscapes and sceneries lovers will also love Colombia.  


Within short distances, you can experience the beauty of humid plains, lush green mountains, snow-covered peaks, prehistoric deserts, enigmatic jungle, magical forests, pristine beaches and turquoise waters.

This stunning diversity in scenery is a product of 3 mountain ranges, the Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea, the Amazon rainforest and some deserts.


Where else in the world would you be able to find a rainbow-coloured river and sunbathe at an idyllic white-sand beach while having a view on a snow-capped mountain? Nowhere. The diverse scenery of Colombia is really breath-taking.


I bet you are already thinking on visiting Colombia during your next holidays. However, I guess you are also overwhelmed by the amount of amazing nature places you would like to visit in this country. To help you with this, I have created the following list of my favourite Colombia Tourist Attractions for nature lovers:

1. Caño Cristales


Between July and November, the Caño Cristales river turns into a liquid rainbow thanks to transparent waters and some specific aquatic plants. These plants, are born green but due to the radiation of the sun, they start changing their colour. The older and bigger they are, the more reddish they become.


This range of colours, makes this river a unique place and gives the river its nickname: the rainbow river. It is a magical place you will only find in Colombia.  


Caño Cristales is located close to La Macarena, a village that can only be reached by plane and thus offers the unique experience of being in a remote jungle-ish area.


A trip to Caño Cristales is not only about visiting the river. Nature lovers will certainly enjoy the jungle walks and the incredible wildlife you can easily spot in the surroundings.


This combination of amazing landscapes and abundant wildlife, is what makes this place my favourite among all of Colombia Tourist Attractions.


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2. Casanare


I am sure you might be thinking: “Casanare? I have never heard of it. It is not in Lonely Planet”. And I don’t blame you. Casanare is a remote and unknown area. Not even locals in Bogota know where it is.  


They don’t know what they are missing! The beauty of Casanare´s nature and wildlife is unseen. Nowhere in Colombia will you be able to feel so close to nature. Not even in the Amazon Jungle.


The region is a hidden birding and animal paradise. It is not uncommon to spot anteaters, anacondas and pumas. Something that is almost impossible to see in the Amazon Jungle these days.


Additionally, you will almost certainly be able to spot capybaras, howler monkeys, turtles, caimans, deer, and thousands of spectacular and rather rare birds.


Going to Casanare is the closest thing to a safari you will find in the Americas. And the best of all, is that it will be all for you. This is not a tourist area. It is an off-the-beaten-track destination with very few tourists. A hidden gem for nature lovers that is totally safe to visit nowadays.


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3. Cerros de Mavecure


Have you ever imagine being high above the great Amazon Jungle enjoying the sunset while thousands of birds fly by? Well, the only place on earth where you can do this, is in Cerros de Mavecure (the Mavecure Hills).


Located in the easternmost part of Colombia, right where the Amazon Jungle stops, this flat and junglelike area is home to 3 majestic hills that are made out of pure rock.


These hills are accessible by a 4-hours boat ride through gorgeous nature. The average height of these 3 hills is 250 meters. Climbing them gives you the best possible view over the jungle you could ever imagine. Especially around sunset.


The whole experience will show you everything there is to see in this spectacular region. You will be able to connect with nature and see spectacular wildlife like pink dolphins, wild parrots, and a huge variety of birds.


It is also a unique chance to come in contact with the indigenous people and experience how they live in harmony with nature.


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4. Cocuy


Cocuy is the best destination in Colombia for trekking and mountainous landscapes. It is also an amazing place to witness one of the weirdest things on earth: glaciers and snow-capped mountains in a tropical-Caribbean country.


Located high up in the Andean mountains, you will find emerald blue lakes formed by eroding glaciers, alpine tundra, crystal clear creeks and snowy mountain tops.


Stay at the base of the park and do some amazing treks to the edge of the glaciers, discover some hidden waterfalls and lakes, and enjoy the amazing ecosystem that lives in this area called “Paramo”.


A Paramo is a gorgeous ecosystem located above the continuous forest line, yet below the permanent snowline. Colombia has around 80% of all Paramos in the world and Cocuy is maybe the best place in the country to visit this unique area and its weird vegetation. A must for nature and trekking lovers.


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5. Tayrona Area


The last of my favourite Colombia Tourist Attractions for nature lovers is the Tayrona Area, in the north of the country. I am not referring to the Tayrona Natural Park, but to the surrounding region.


Don´t get me wrong, the Tayrona Natural Park is a gorgeous place. However, it has become extremely popular in the last years and this has brought two negative issues: (i) most of the wildlife has moved away from the park (at least from the areas where you are allowed to be), and (ii) you will have to share the gorgeous views and beaches with hundreds of other tourists.


Luckily for nature lovers, the park is just a little piece of an amazing region. Just go a little bit outside the park and you will find pristine beaches with almost no other tourists. Enjoying these beautiful beaches while having a view on the snow-capped mountains of the Sierra Nevada, is an unforgettable experience.


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But this area is not just for relaxing at a beach. The surrounding mountains are home to one of Colombia’s most famous attraction: Ciudad Perdida (the Lost City). This is an archaeological place accessible only by going in a multi-day trek through gorgeous jungles that are home to plenty of fauna. Click here for more information on this hike.


Birdwatchers will find paradise in this area because it is a subtropical jungle in the mountains and at the same time it is located near the ocean.  Thanks to this geographical feature, it is home to some birds that cannot be spotted anywhere else in the world (more than 20 endemic bird species). Click here for more information on birdwatching in this area.


If you would like to visit some of these destinations in your next trip to Colombia, our agency, Lulo Colombia Travel is your best option. Contact us so we can create a personalized travel itinerary to discover the best of the Colombia Tourist Attractions for nature lovers.

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