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Coffee Zone – Birding Tour

Take our Birding Tour to one of the best places on earth for spotting birds: Tinamu Reserve. More than 260 species have been recorded in this small reserve. It is a true birding paradise.



What: Birding Tour

Where: Tinamu Birding Reserve, Coffee Zone

Duration: Full day




What´s included in this Birding Tour:


1. Professional English-speaking guide.

2. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

3. Entrance fee to the reserve.

Tour Description:


This Birding Tour starts by picking you up in your hotel early in the morning and taking you the amazing Tinamu Birding Reserve. Then, upon arrival, you will be welcomed by a bird specialist who will show you around.


This place is so magic, that even beginners will love the huge variety of birds. The explanations given by the professional English-speaking guide make the experience even better.


With him, you will walk around the birding paths of this reserve. He will help you spot the most special birds and give you all necessary explanation.


Additionally, you will receive a checklist of all birds spotted in the reserve. Therefore, you can easily keep track of which ones you see during this birding tour.


Each trail is specifically made for bird watching and there have been at least 260 different bird species spotted in the reserve, distributed in 47 families.


Among them, the most numerous families are: flycatchers (Tyrannidae) with 35, tanagers (Thraupidae) with 21, warblers (Parulidae) with 16 species, and hummingbirds (Trochilidae) with 16.


Before lunch, you will walk 2 different paths, looking for different species. Afterwards, you will have some time to enjoy the hummingbirds in the feeders next to the main house.


Finally, right before it gets dark, you will go for your 3rd walk through a different path to spot birds that are more active at this time of the day.


Once you have finished, you will be taken back to your hotel.

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