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The Lost City Trek in the Colombian jungle

Travel Itinerary - 4 Days

From EUR 350 per person


Day 1:  Start of the Ciudad Perdida Tour!


You will leave Santa Marta around 09:00.  A jeep will bring you to the starting point of your walk, the little village of El Mamey. And then, after your lunch, the real adventure starts! You will have to begin your walk of four days trough beautiful landscapes.


The hike of the first day will be mostly uphill, 7,6 kilometer long, and bring you to La Cabaña Adán, where you will spend the first night.


The cabaña is located next to a natural swimming pool so don´t forget to bring your swimming outfit to be able to relax your challenged muscles in the crystal clear water. After relaxing and interacting with the other tourists you will be served your diner.


After dark and while everybody is tired from the first hike, there won´t be much more to do then go to bed and think about the adventures that are awaiting you on the next days!


Accommodation: Cabaña de Adán. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.

Day 2: Some serious hiking!


Day 2 and hike 2 of your Lost City experience! Today you will go from cabaña de Adán to cabaña de Rumualdo, a  distance of 14,7 kilometers, that will take around 8 hours.


Breakfast will be served early and right after, you will start the challenging hike. The vegetation will get wilder and wilder and on your way you will pass some settlements of the Kogui people. This is an indigenous tribe that still lives in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.


Your guide will explain you some interesting customs and facts about their culture and, if you are lucky, you might be able to directly communicate with them.


After arrival you will have the time to relax, swim, eat, and rest.


Accommodation: Cabaña de Rumualdo. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.

Day 3: The Ruins!


An early breakfast and then time has come to finally hike the last part to spectacular Ciudad Perdida! After more or less an hour you will reach the first ruins. Your guide will show you around and give the necessary explanations. You will have around 3 hours to enjoy the views and experience the magic of the lost city.


After these wonderful moments you will start your way back and leave the Lost City. You will hike for 7,6 kilometers and 4 hours to cabaña Gabriel where you will have the time to relax, exchange thoughts on the Ciudad Perdida with other tourists, swim and get ready for the night and day 4.


Accommodation: Cabaña de Gabriel. Basic bunk bed in a space with other tourists.

Video: Enjoy these drone images of the Ciudad Perdida Tour here.

Day 4: The last hike and end of Ciudad Perdida Tour.


Another early rise because today you will have to walk for 6 hours to go back to the village of El Mamey, where everything started. This is a hike of 15.6 kilometers and about 6 hours, luckily this time mostly downhill.


You will have lunch in the village and then board a jeep that will you bring back to Santa Marta. You are expected to be back in the city around 17h00 and this will be the end of your Ciudad Peridad Tour. We recommend you to chill, relax and treat yourselves to some delicious food and drinks!



This Ciudad Perdida Tour includes: 

  • Entrance to the Archeological Park of the Lost City.

  • Mentioned transport.

  • Accommodation in bunk bed with a mosquito net.

  • All meals.

  • Purified water, fruits and snacks on the different walks.

  • Donations to help support the developments of the indigenous tribes in the region.

  • Expert guide.

  • Insurance.

  • 24/7 support from the Lulo Colombia staff

  • The use of one of Lulo’s mobile phones on your trip

  • A local SIM card with emergency credit

  • A travel application with access to all details of your trip



This trip does not include: 

  • Not mentioned and unforeseen expenses.
  • Accommodation in Santa Marta.
  • Flight to and from Santa Marta.




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