Colombia vacations spots

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Best 8 Adventures for your Colombia itinerary

Are you an adventurous traveler planning a trip to Colombia? If yes, this post is ideal for you.   I bet you are trying to create your Colombia itinerary mixing the sightseeing highlights with some excellent adventurous activities. Great idea!  


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Top 3 Colombia vacation spots to visit Indigenous Tribes

One of the most fascinating and intriguing parts of visiting a foreign country is the possibility of learning about a different culture from up-close.


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Best Colombia Vacation Spots for Beach Lovers

For many travellers, going on holidays is almost a synonym of relaxing at the beach. For many others, spending a couple of days at the beach is the perfect ending of an adventure trip. While for other travellers, just a day-trip to a nice beach is already enough.   Regardless of what type of traveller …


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Discover Colombia in 2 weeks

Unfortunately for most of the people in the world, the amount of holidays we can take at our jobs is quite limited. In countries such as the USA, the legal number of holidays a year is only 10. This means that most of us will have a very short time frame to travel abroad and …


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