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Cartagena – Rum and Chocolate Tasting

Let your senses be amazed with this unforgettable Colombian Rums and Chocolates Tasting.



One of the most especial activities to do in Cartagena is to take this fabulous Rum and Chocolate Tasting.


During about 1 hour, you will get to taste a variety of Colombian rums and spirits, combined with their ideal Colombian chocolate.


It’s the best was to get to try the best types of rums and chocolates of Colombia and be surprised by how good they go together.


The activity starts with a welcome cocktail. You will then taste a variety of Colombian rums aged between 4 and 27 years. Some of them are drank as shots, some in small zips and some others as a cocktail.


During the experience, you will be given plenty of information about each rum and each chocolate. You will learn about the different production processes and techniques.


If you feel like eating something after this Rum and Chocolate Tasting, you will find delicious food in the same place.


Nowadays, Colombia produces some of the best Rums and Chocolates in the world. They are produced in almost every corner of the country and are finally starting to get the reputation they have always deserved.


Additionally, most of the chocolate produced these days in Colombia comes from cacao plantations that have replaced the illegal coca plantations.


This change has been mainly achieved as a result of the peace agreement signed between Colombia and its biggest guerrilla group.


This agreement created the foundations to allow farmers of the areas most affected by the many years of conflict and violence, to voluntary replace their coca plantations for cocoa ones.


The Colombian government has been promoting this change and helping the farmers willing to do so.


Therefore, by buying and eating Colombian chocolates, you are indirectly helping the farmers who grew the cacao. In the long run, this will help keeping and maintaining peace in Colombia.


Enjoy this Rum and Chocolate Tasting in Cartagena at the same time you help others.

What´s included in this experience:


1. A tasting session of about 1 hour.

2. A variety of local rums and chocolates

3. Explanations about every drink and chocolate.



  • English Speaking Guide

What: Rum and Chocolate Tasting

Where: Arsenal Rum Box restaurant in Cartagena

Duration: Around 1 hour in total

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