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Bogota – Violence and Peace Tour

This Violence and Peace tour gives you the opportunity to learn the real story about the violent history of Colombia and its recent turn into peace and prosperity. Get explanations from an expert while walking through the most representative places of Colombia’s history.



What: Violence and Peace Tour

Where: Centre of Bogota

Duration: Around 3 hours




What´s included in this Violence and Peace Tour:


1. Professional English-speaking guide.

2. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

Tour Description:


Colombia has had a history of violence since its very beginning as an independent nation.


This violent history has built a very bad reputation for this country abroad. However, not all information about Colombia’s conflicts and violent times has been properly reproduced abroad. This has led to people having wrong ideas and misconceptions about this country.


In this Violence and Peace tour, you will get the real information about the violent history of Colombia and how it has finally shaken those times away and moved towards a peaceful time.


Our English-speaking guide while based himself in the facts and only the facts. This is an objective tour that is not influenced by any political ideology.


The tour lasts around 3 hours in which you will walk through the centre of Bogota. During this walk, you will stop at some of the most iconic and important places of Colombia’s history linked to its violence and its reconciliation.


Most people are vaguely aware of Colombia’s recent conflicts with drug cartels and guerrillas. Although important, that is just a small part of the story.


The information given on this tour will cover the entire Colombian history. We do this so that you really get to understand the country’s current situation and its drastic recent changes.


Your guide is not just a tourist guide, but also someone who has been studying Colombia’s conflicts for years and is very up to date with the latest news and events.

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