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Bogotá, tourists´ new favorite hub to discover a colorful and dynamic street art scene. 


Can graffiti be considered as art? If you ask people who recently visited Bogotá then the answer will definitely be ´yes´. The city is working hard on improving its image and allowing professional artists to create stunning and politically tinted graffiti in the city center is helping this cause.

Nowadays Bogotá is seen worldwide as a new hotbed for urban art.



It is interesting to see that Bogotá has a culture in which professional graffiti artists are protected and cheered for. It is not unusual to see a group of artists working on walls that were put at their disposal by the government. Many Colombians, and foreigners as well, start to see the added value of colorful and well executed street art instead of grey and dirty walls or ugly tags. This contributed to a center that is full of remarkable images and compositions.




A lot of tourists are drawn to the capital because of the vibrant and lively sights it has to offer. Bogotá has different tours that are established solely to show the best and most worthwhile graffiti of the city. The great benefit of street art is the constant renewal of its content and additions to its collection. Each day the city looks a bit different since there is something new to be discovered somewhere in the streets, going from statues and stickers to gorgeous stencils and graffiti.




One of the best ways to see the graffiti of Bogota is on the Bogotá Bike tour. Click here for more information.


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