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Bogota – Gold Museum Guided Tour

Enjoy a guided tour of the Gold Museum of Bogota and learn all about the importance gold had to the pre-Columbian tribes and the different techniques used to work this precious metal.


The Gold Museum of Bogota is not only the best museum in Bogota, but also the best museum in Colombia.


If you must choose just one museum to visit during your trip to Colombia, it should be Bogota’s Gold Museum.


This fantastic museum exhibits the largest pre-Hispanic collection of gold in the entire world with more than 6 thousand pieces.


The purpose of the museum is to protect the archaeological patrimony of Colombia. To achieve this, the Central Bank has been acquiring and preserving pieces of jewellery and pottery created by indigenous groups across the entire country before the arrival of the Spanish people.


The displays of all the 6 thousand gold pieces is done over the 2 main floors of the museum and there are some explanations written in English.


However, without the explanations from an expert guide, your visit to this museum won’t really be complete.


Most likely, you are not going to understand the techniques that the indigenous groups were using to work this metal. Additionally, you will feel overwhelmed by the amount of displays and information.


In this guided tour of the Gold Museum, you will be accompanied by an expert guide who will show you the most important pieces (you don’t really have see the 6 thousand pieces). He will also give you all necessary explanations so that you really get the most out of this amazing museum.


This is a private tour so you really get to learn as much as possible.


What: Guided tour of the Gold Museum

Where: Gold Museum of Bogota

Duration: Around 2 hours

What´s included in this Guided Tour of the Gold Museum:


1. Professional English-speaking guide.

2. Entrance fee to the museum

3. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

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