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Bogota – Coffee Masters Tour

Indulge yourself in the world of coffee and learn about its history, culture and cultivation process in this Coffee Tour.



There is no better way to experience coffee as through a real Colombian coffee experience.


This 5 hour tour is designed for you to learn more about the art of coffee from seed to the final cup. You will be introduced to every step of the coffee process by visiting a coffee farm, a coffee roaster and, finally, a barista.


The last stop of the tour will allow you to roast your own coffee batch at a professional roaster.


After this tour you will have trained your palate to recognize and appreciate different kind of flavors.



What: Coffee Tour

Where: Bogota-La Candelaria

Duration: 4 to 5 hours

What´s Included in this Coffee Tour?:


1. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.

2. English-speaking guide.

3. Guidance of a coffee expert at the roaster.

4. Coffee tasting of 4 different samples.

5. Fruits and snacks.

6. Coffee preparation workshop guided by an expert

Extra information on the Coffee Tour: 


We think it is important to mention that you will actually try the best Colombian coffee, outside of Colombia! Most exporters keep their good coffee for the foreign market, and leave their inferior coffee for local distribution.


The coffee zone is of course the biggest producer of coffee . But, it is not the only region in Colombia that produces coffee. You can actually find coffee plantations in most regions of Colombia. Each region produces coffee with a distinctive flavor due to each region´s altitude and humidity.


However, if you have the time, we totally recommend to take our coffee tour in the coffee zone itself.

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