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Best tours in Colombia to plan ahead of time

Now that you have decided to visit Colombia, it is finally time to cross many places off your bucket list. From historical sites to natural sites, the country has plenty to amaze you.


Learn more about the best tours in Colombia to include in your trip in order to make sure to have the holidays of your dreams.


Furthermore, there are certain aspects that you should keep in mind or mistakes that can easily be avoided. We wrote down the most important things to keep in mind when you are planning your list of destinations to visit in Colombia.

1. Planning is key


When vacationing, mindful planning is often a general rule of thumb. It allows for making the most of your visit, as well as keeping track of your finances and logistics. It is also especially important for foreign travelers who may not be fluent in the local language.


Visiting some of the top tourist destinations in Colombia requires organization due to their locations. This is apparent for remote places in jungles or deserts, but it is also true for more everyday sites, like main cities. For example, a tour or list of activities to do in Bogotá can turn out disastrous if you’re not prepared for the traffic. Interested in tours in Bogota? Check out more here.


Planning also becomes necessary for destinations or activities that are only available during certain times of the year. Since they are periodically inaccessible, they are often crowded. Colombia group tours are a good option if you want to see these places at the best time.

2. Best tours in Colombia that you should plan in advance


  • Gorgona Island


Colombia is home to many exotic, mind-blowing natural sites. Gorgona Island is one of the most outstanding ones. Located in the Pacific Ocean, 22 miles off the country’s western coast, it was discovered in 1524. Due to its sizeable reptile population, it was named after the snake-haired creatures of Greek mythology. It kept its dire reputation by imprisoning Colombia’s worst criminals between 1959 and 1984. Its high temperatures, deadly-animal count, and isolation made it a true living hell.


Today, Gorgona is valued as a juggernaut of biodiversity because of its tropical rainforest ecosystems and coral reefs. It is home to 147 bird species, as well as 100 insect species and 500 marine fauna species. The 16 square mile island and its waters are also overflowing with flora. It is one of the best tours in Colombia for ecotourism, its most popular activities include hiking, sailing, diving, and snorkeling.


Gorgona is best enjoyed with professional planning. It can only be accessed from two locations by speed boat, during certain times of the day. Upon arrival, activities such as hiking are also time-restricted, because of the presence of venomous snakes.


  • Ciudad Perdida (The Lost City)


The Lost City is also one of the best tours in Colombia to experience. Believed to have been founded around 800AD, it was then discovered by treasure hunters in 1972. It consists of 169 round terraces built in the mountains, as well as tiled roads and stairways.


Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta national natural park, you can reach it only by hiking. Most tours offer four, five, and six-day options. Either way, you will have to walk an average of 7 hours a day to complete the 28-mile round trip. This is why you need both thorough planning, and a guide to visit the Lost City.

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3. Best tours in Colombia with specific time windows


  • Whale-watching in the Pacific


Some of the best tours in Colombia can only be enjoyed during specific times of the year. For example, whale-watching on the Pacific coast is only possible between June and November. During this time humpback whales around the world swim to tropical waters to mate and give birth. Read a traveler´s experience here.


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  • Caño Cristales


The stunning five-color river of Caño Cristales is also an uncommon sight. Located in central Colombia, it is often referred to as the most beautiful river in the world. Between July and October of every year, aquatic plants inside the river come into full bloom, making it look red, yellow, black, blue, and green.


You can only visit this natural wonder with a licensed tour guide, so plan accordingly. Moreover, its location is also a reason to book a tour with a travel agency. Since the nearest town of La Macarena is rather small, the support of a touristic expert should be of help.

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  • Casanare


Casanare is Colombia´s wildlife paradise. It is located in the east of the country and it consists of remote plains, rice fields, and patches of forests. The locals live their cowboy-life style (Llaneros) on their ranches and take care of their cattle.


This place is unique and still quite untouched. This is why you can find abundant wildlife and spectacular birding opportunities in this region.


You can visit the region all year round. However, there are clear distinct seasons noticeable. This means that depending on the seasons you will encounter very different landscapes and you might have to travel by canoe and horse, instead of by 4×4 and walking.


For example, it is a lot easier to spot animals in the dry season as they will all look for the same but fewer water sources. The landscapes won´t be as beautiful as in the wet season though.  Additionally, during the mating season, birds get spectacular colors that contrast gorgeously with the green fields.


The dry season runs from december to February.




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4. Other exciting destinations to plan for


Colombia has plenty of unique places travelers need to see. From the vast Tatacoa Desert to the white-sanded and crystal-clear beaches of Tayrona Park, or the incredible sights of the Cocora Valley’s oil palm tree fields. What about pre-colonial indigenous sites, such as Tierradentro and San Agustín? This country is sure to have something for you. Explore unique destinations here and now!



Colombia is a country full of wonderful experiences for travelers. There is something special for every type of travelers. However, as discussed above, it is important to keep in mind that some destinations can only be visited with a pre-organized tour, or only during specific times of the year. 


If you need help or guidance with the planning process of your trip to Colombia, don´t hesitate to contact us. We have a team of travel experts looking forward to help you have the best holiday of your life.

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