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Beste Time To Visit Colombia

When is the best time to visit Colombia?


In general terms, Colombia is a destination that is pleasant throughout the whole year. Many destinations within the country enjoy a tropical climate thanks to Colombia´s proximity to the equator.  That’s why for many places the best time to visit Colombia is any time!


However, the differences in height will make you notice some more prominent temperature fluctuations. For example, Bogota is much cooler than Cartagena, where it can get very hot. Consequently, it can be said that the higher a place is located, the colder it is and, therefore, you will experience a fresher climate.


Because of this, there are some moments when it is better to visit certain destinations in Colombia than other moments. In this article we will let you know when it is the best time to visit Colombia depending on where you want to go.


Furthermore, we will show you the most suitable things you can do taking into account the moment of the year you visit this amazing country.

Travelling between December and March


  • High season for tourism
  • Places to visit: Coffee region, San Agustin, Popayan, Casanare


During these months of the year you will be traveling through Colombia in its high season. This means that you should plan your trip ahead of time because in this period many tourists, and also Colombians themselves, like to travel around the country. Hotels and flights might be a bit more expensive than usual.


This period of the year is known as the dry period and you can expect abundant sun. It is the ideal moment to explore towns, villages and coffee farms. We recommend to go to the south of the country because the temperatures and climate will be very pleasant.


Additionally, an interesting fact about Colombia is that locals tend to travel to the coast in the north for their holidays so you would avoid the big crowds.


If you are a wildlife enthusiast, you should consider traveling to Casanare in this period. Thanks to the dry season, the animals are concentrated around the little left over creeks and ponds, making it an amazing spectacle to witness and easy to spot them. Keep in mind that Tayrona National Park closes for maintenance during the month of February.

Festivals and events to go:


  • Festival of Lights in Villa de Leyva (Early December): Candles are lit on balconies and terraces. It basically takes places in the whole country and usually on December 7 or 8. 
  • Festival of Cali (December): This 5-day festival takes place between Christmas and New Year. It starts with a big concert for around 60,000 spectators. Just like in the Feria de las Flores in Medellin, there are several musical events, horse parades and vintage car rides that will take place during the festival.
  • Carnival of Barranquilla (February): The Carnival of Barranquilla last for four days, making it the second largest in the world, after the one in Rio de Janeiro.

This period is one of the best times to visit Colombia if you want to experience it in a carnival mood and with little chances of rain.

Travelling between April and June


  • Low season for tourism
  • Places to visit: Cartagena, Santa Marta, Tayrona, Ciudad Perdida


From April onwards, the rainy season starts. This provides humid climates in some areas. Nevertheless, it is important to know that it almost never rains a full day. The mornings tend to be sunny and dry, and it might rain for a while in the early evenings.


It actually might be a good idea to travel in this period because it will be a lot more tranquil than traveling between December and March. Hotels might not be as full and tickets are getting cheaper.


Additionally, the temperatures will not be as hot as in the dry season. This means that the coastal region could be the ideal place to go. However, keep in mind that if you travel during Easter, you should be prepared to see many Colombian travelers.

Best Places to Visit in Colombia

Festivals and events to go:


  • Festival of the Vallenata Legend (end of April). This is a festival that celebrates the popular folk culture of Colombia and that is annually held in Valledupar. It is a music contest that is meant to promote the typical vallenato music .
  • San Pedro´s Festival (June). The Festival and National Reign of Bambuco highlights the folklore of the Huilense people with music, dances, comparsas (groups of singers, musicians, and dancers) and local gastronomy. It takes place in the city of Neiva.

This period is one of the best times to visit Colombia if you want to experience it in a more tranquil way and with less hot temperatures.

Travelling between July and September

  • High-Medium season for tourism
  • Places to visit: Pacific Coast, Caño Cristales


This is a short dry season in many areas of Colombia, perfect for exploring the most outstanding cultural aspects of the country, as well as rural areas, jungles and beaches. During this time, due to European school holidays, the prices of flights may be a little higher.


From July on, the humpback whales make their way to the hot and shallow waters of the Pacific coast. They do so in order to give birth and they hang around for a couple of months to teach their young how to fish and keep their buoyance. It is an amazing spectacle to see the whales jump out of the water and play with each other.


Furthermore, Colombia is home to a unique river: Caño Cristales. This river turns pink in the rainy season because of some aquatic plants that can be found in its waters. The best moment to witness this pink miracle is from July on because the water levels are going down a bit.

regions of Colombia

Festivals and events to go:


  • Feria de las Flores in Medellín (August): every year, Medellín hosts the Feria de las Flores. Here, the floral arrangements created by the silleteros are shown during the parades on the streets of the city. During these days, there are also many concerts and other events in the city.
  • Folklore Festival in Buenaventura (August): this festival celebrates the artistic and cultural diversity of the region. You can expect a colorful mix of dance, music, traditional Colombian food, literature and poetry.

This is one of the best times to visit Colombia because it is a short dry period and you can witness unique places and events.

Travelling in October and November


  • Low season or tourism
  • Places to visit: Amazon Jungle, the coast


This is actually the low season in Colombia and it is known for being rainy again. But, given the country’s unique geographical location, your trip will not be affected by the prolonged rain.


Many travelers use this time outside of the main season to have a greater variety of accommodation and pay less for it, due to fact that there are less tourists.


We recommend a visit to the Amazon Jungle in these months. This because the water level is low and it will be easier to spot wildlife and many sights are easier accessible.


Furthermore, it might be a great idea to head to the coast of Colombia because it will be calmer and temperatures might not be as hot as in the dry season.

best time to visit Colombia

Festivals and events to go


  • Independence Day Cartagena (November 11): Those who are in Cartagena during this period, may witness colorful parades, music and dance performances
  • Halloween (October 31): Halloween is a big thing in Colombia. You will be able to party hard in all cities, and even in the smaller villages.

This is one of the best times to visit Colombia if you want to pay less, spot wildlife in the Amazon, and relax in all tranquility on the beach.

Best Time to Visit Colombia: Conclusion

So, which is the best time to visit Colombia? The answer is always. It will depend on your preferences, but this is a country where you’ll find magic in each region. The amazing landscapes and activities you can do will make your trip absolutely worth it, whatever the season or period of the year you visit.

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