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How to discover the best of Colombia in a week?

Colombia has become a top touristic destination for its astounding diversity. It offers something for everyone: vibrant cities, incredible natural landscapes, historical sites, and more. Here, learn how to experience the best of Colombia in a week.



1. Start in the capital city


Bogotá is the country’s capital city, as well as its political, economic, and cultural epicenter. In it, travelers find a special mix of historical and modern-day Colombia. The downtown Candelaria neighborhood is where the city was first founded in 1538. Take a stroll down its streets to see colonial architecture coexisting with modern office buildings. Visit the Bolívar Square for the early 19th century Primatial Cathedral, as well as some main government buildings.

Best of Colombia

2. Legendary coffee culture


After a day or two in Bogotá, it is time for you to further explore the country. There are many coffee towns in Colombia to not only enjoy a good cup, but also to learn about its culture. That is why a trip to see the best of Colombia is not complete until you have visited the Coffee Triangle. This area includes the departments of Risaralda, Quindío, and Caldas.

Stop by a traditional farm to discover the process of growing the world’s best coffee. You can even stay at some of them to see the everyday life of coffee producers up close. Salento, a small colonial town in Quindío, is the quintessential coffee town. It is also known for its local artisan community. Town enhusiasts can read more about Colombia´s most beautiful colonial towns here.

While in Quindío, do not miss the striking sights of the Cocora Valley’s wax palm fields. Colombia’s national tree is the tallest palm species in the world, rising 70 feet in height. Moreover, the valley is a great place for hikes and connecting with nature. Nature enthusiast can read more about Colombia´s nature beauty here.

Best of Colombia

3. A city to sample the best of Colombia: Medellin


After a couple of days in the Coffee Triangle, head over to Medellín: one of the best cities to visit in Colombia. Medellín is ideal for travelers, due to the many different activities you can do within a day or two. Ciy lovers can find out more about Colombia´s top cities here.


Sitting on the Nutibara hill, the Pueblito Paisa is a real-life replica of a colonial town. Its whitewashed houses, with colorful doors, set the stage for great pictures. Go to Plaza Botero square to admire 23 sculptures from world-renowned artist Fernando Botero.

Best of Colombia

Round up your Medellín experience by visiting the nearby town of Guatapé. This is a stellar spot for taking pictures, thanks to its colorful colonial houses. They tell the story of Guatapé with wainscoting portraying their dwellers’ occupation, as well as local indigenous history.


Just outside of Guatapé is the 721-foot-high Peñol monolith. Climb the 740- step stairway to reach the top and enjoy the most fantastic view of the Peñol-Guatapé reservoir.

4. A beach-side farewell


When deciding where to go in Colombia, Cartagena is a traveler’s favorite. Located on the Caribbean Coast, it was the country’s second city ever founded, back in 1533. By the end of that century, it was surrounded by a wall to guard its people from pirates. Today, the area known as the Walled City is preserved, showcasing beautiful Spanish-colonial architecture.


The nearby San Felipe castle is also a standing testimony of Colombian history. It was built by the Spanish kingdom in 1657 as a fort to defend the city from French and English attacks. Admire the castle and all of Cartagena from atop La Popa Hill, another essential stop.

best of Colombia

When spending the last few days of your Colombian vacation in Cartagena, you need to experience the Rosario Islands. A paradise for any nature lover, these mostly uninhabited islands are definitely among the best of Colombia. They are famous for their magnificent white sand beaches and turquoise waters. Snorkeling and diving are popular activities there, due to the islands’ coral reefs and diverse marine life.



Colombia does not fail to find a way into people’s hearts. A week is enough to see the country’s best, so come over and be bewitched. The time is now.


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