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Barichara and San Gil – Caving

Get ready for the thrill of navigating through narrow passages, winding caverns and little underground streams on this exciting caving tour.



The surroundings of San Gil and Barrichara boast many mysterious caves.


You will explore one of the most impressive ones on this caving tour.


It will be a 2 hour caving experience in which you will have to pass through tight spots, crawl over the ground and swim underwater.


The tour starts with a pick-up at your hotel and a short ride to the cave’s entrance.


Be aware of the fact that you will get dirty and wet.



What: Caving Tour

Where: Caves near Barichara

Duration: 3 hours in total – 2 hours in the cave

What´s included in this Caving Tour:


1. Professional guide.

2. Use of professional equipment.

3. Hotel pick-up and drop-off.



  • English Speaking Guide

Suggestions for the Caving tour: 


There are a lot of caves to be found in the surroundings of Barichara and San Gil. The official website for tourism in Colombia even states that Cueva Antigua, near Barichara, is one of the 3 best caves to visit in the country. (Read about it here)


Some of them are relatively easy to walk through, others are a bit harder. You can discuss with your guide what level of difficulty you would prefer.


 The changes of getting dirty are high so make sure to not use your most elegant outfit. You might bump into rocks and have to crawl through some tunnels so try to wear clothes that protect you a little bit, especially closed shoes are recommendable.


You will get wet so it might be a good idea to bring some extra clothes with you to change into afterwards.

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